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On this site, you will find all information that affects every stage of marriage and the family – from your single days all the way to parenting. The vision given to me by God for CPYF is to help individuals and families stand despite the challenges that try to overwhelm us.

This is  a platform to provide you with various resources to equip you, educate you and ultimately enrich your family life with what it takes to build and maintain the perfect picture of God’s original concept of marriage and the family. Regardless of what stage of life you may be in – single, married, parents or even separated or divorced, you will find something that will add much value to you.

Please take the time to click on the resources tab for downloadable materials that would bless you and your family life.  Also, read through the various articles on this site. To make it easy for you, every article on here is put under a specific category so you can easily find what you are looking for.

There are also some personal musings under the reflections tab. Read them and be inspired.

As you browse through this site, please be open-minded and open-hearted, regardless of the situation in your family life now. If things are not as they ought to be, please know that there is no hopeless case with God. As you apply what you receive here, God will see to it that every iota of crisis gets lost for good in your family life.

Remember that your perspective and how you handle yourself and your marriage, determines what you get out of it. So please be willing and ready to give it your very best!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please direct them to  cpyfamily@gmail.com or info@crisisproofyourfamily.com.  Please note that we will not share your details with the public.

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Once again, thank you for coming and keep coming back for updates!

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  1. This is wonderful. CPYF is needed in the body of Christ now more than ever before. The grace be multiplied and anointing remain ever fresh. This blog is a major opportunity to manifest as a blessing indeed to the world. The sky is not your limit! It is the starting point.

  2. The end time awakening leading to the beautification of Zion is ordained by God to first touch individuals, then homes, communities then nations until it affect our globe. We are in a season of the sending forth of prepared vessels for enforcing God’s agenda in families. I strongly believe CPYF is another powerful ministry chosen for this great move of God.

  3. Thank God for the blessing CPYF would continually be to the body of Christ and our world at large. God’s agenda for homes and families will surely stand.

  4. Welcome on board. Eagerly waiting to digest what you have for us. GOD BLESS U

  5. I am blessed by this. God reward you immensly!

  6. This is so wonderful. Long-awaited. I look forward to a wonderful time and may God continue to beautify and glorify this testimony which is Crisis-proof your family. Remain blessed.

  7. God desire us to go and bring in the sinners so they might know what exactly salvation entails. Much of the vices today are due to lack understanding of God’s perfect design “WILLED” …#HisWord. I pray that your blog touches every heart with a message of great Faith in God’s Word. We need more of this kind of blog to bless the world with. You are exceedingly #Welcome! #StrangeActs!

  8. CPYF, This is another victory for the body of Christ as God,s will and purpose is for Christians to live a life of triumph And total victory in every area of our lives. Mrs Kemi Oyedepo is blessed to be a blessing
    Every reader will be blessed

  9. This is great!!! Thank God for His unspeakable gifts. More exceeding grace ma

  10. Welcome aboard Ma!!! Eagerly anticipating to digest and share to others all the words of wisdom pertaining to life, family and godliness here on this blog.. I’m so proud of U Ma!

  11. God will continue to increase u ma!

  12. Thank you ma for this blog and the facebook page. I read everything and dgest them and I can’t wait to practice them when am married soon this year. God bless you ma.

  13. Bless you ma, the CPYF page on Facebook as always been informative looking forward to more from the blog. God bless and well done ma.

  14. Whoa!God will contiune to bless and increase your ministry in Jesus name amen.

  15. Congratulations ma, more grace for refreshing insight into the word for our spiritual development. God bless you.

  16. I am so excited and grateful to God for this that He has started through you. One unique tip I got from reading CYPF on Facebook has made a great impact on my marriage. It is difficult to realize how much one needs to know until you realize the impact of just one truth on one’s life. I am looking forward to tapping into every resource available on this site. And by the Grace of God, I see not just my life and family, but also that of many lives and families being secured from crisis. To God be the Glory!

  17. One of a kind….. am waiting expectantly. I thank God I came across… May the holy spirit lead you to teach n write on what this age and generation needs… may our lives and home be transformed…… Amen.

  18. This is a welcome idea may the Gud Lord lead u right

  19. In His time He makes all things beautiful.We are grateful to God for the impact and Blessings families will enjoy through this blog. To God be the glory

  20. Am so blessed by your inspirational teaching ma. How I wish the whole have this knowledge espercially in this school of marriage where some are praying in many are praying out. God bless you.

  21. I bleesed God for life ma and being a blessing to our generation. May you continue to expand in the wisdom and strength of our Lord Jesus Christ. Have being your write up on Facebook, I apprecaite the one with you and your daughter,it was blessful and impactful. God bless you ma.

  22. der s alwz a word 4 every season to bring solution to d creation

  23. You are a blessing to this generation by this blog Ma. By God’s grace your rising star will go along way to effect generations yet unborn.

  24. This is a blessing to me. I am determined more than ever before to have a crisis-free home. God bless

  25. I need prayer concerning who to marry.

  26. Great one! The Master shall ever find you honourable for His assignment to restore God ordained peace and goodness into our family lives.

  27. Wao…heard about your blog through my beloved husband. What a great resource! More grace and impactful ministry in Jesus name. Love ya

  28. This is great! God will increase u, in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. IJN. Amen

  29. Most of the heartaches in our society today is as a result of broken homes, and broken homes make a broken community. If you don’t have Christ as your foundation then you leave your home prone to breakage, thereby breeding ungodly children who will then make our communities ungodly and unfit for existence. Cpyf I believe is a medium to help us reconnect.. I advise everyone to visit this blog. God bless you ma as you bless us with such powerful words of wisdom.

  30. This is great opportunity especially for the incoming ones into the school of marriage and a wake up call to the married couples.
    I’m blessed by this avenue as I’ve missed it once and would like to get it right again and back on track.
    God bless and enrich your wisdom and intellect to deliver this great kingdom assignment.Amen.

  31. May God bless you mightily for accepting to be used to bless us.This is impactFULL.im so excited n inspired by this name because its The wisdom of God for the moment.I see the fsmilies of God’s children being CRISIS-PROOFED! INDEED when men are saying there is a casting down,we shall say there is a lifting.thank u ma!U r a frontliner!

  32. God ll continue to empower u ma,this is what we need in our generation. .

  33. I’m just so Godly proud of you. All the hats you wear and all you strive to allow God do through you especially on marriage family and all. It’s such a joy. I first came across your write ups on flattimes.com while looking to read open heavens inon there when I didn’t have my devotional with me and I’ve been hooked ever since. I follow you on Facebook, instagram. Cpyfamily everywhere. God bless you woman of God. May his oil on your life continue to overflow..

  34. This is great and a tool to ensure beautiful homes if instructions are followed.
    God bless you greatly Pastor Mrs.

  35. Blogs like this should be more out there. I am hoping to share this with friends, colleagues and family
    I believe this is relevant to many. I feel blessed reading a few articles already. Definitely looking forward to having a Splendid time on cpyf blog.
    Many Many more blessings ahead. God bless you abundantly ma

  36. What a God sent blog.well done ma for the vision.

  37. God bless you for this, I love the excitement with which you write.You are a blessing to our generation.

  38. God bless you, my heart healing has started already.

  39. Good afternoon Mrs Oyedepo.
    Thank you for these resources on marriage – they are indeed God sent. I have a request, can you kindly include a fitness and training section as well? I am a young mum of two. My work, home and church schedule is very tight and I really have very little time to care for my body as I would love – my belly still looks 6 months pregnant even though my youngest child is 3! I would love to see recommendations for exercise regimes (for those on money and time budget), meal plans or recipe suggestions. Pls share your tips for looking good – a day in the life of K.O. will be a good start!

    Thanks so much in advance 🙂

  40. I love all your write up and though I’m not married I see them preparing me for the future. I’m glad you are touching lives and families ESP women.

  41. Really inspiration-tips-and-tricks by ur aticles ma. Am looking unto learning how to raise Godly children n begin a submissive wife,while still grow in spiritually. God continue to bless u ma n lift u up ijn

  42. I love you ma, you inspire me everyday…keep doing what you do the Lord is your strength

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