It’s important to know that only Jesus has the ability to meet our deepest needs. One major mistake that most people make in marriage is that they expect their spouse to fill the space that only He can occupy to the fullest capacity. Unfortunately, when their expectations are not met in that regard, they become unfulfilled and frustrated. Many go into marriage thinking they have finally found someone who will fill a void and make them complete but they also experience a rude awakening.

You and I have to always remind ourselves that our spouses are only human; he/she has limits!! While they are to help us reach our fullest potentials in life, even they cannot satisfy our spirit – which is the most important part of our being. In fact, marriage shows us that no matter how fantastic a person may be, no one can take the place of Jesus in your life. No matter how wonderful your spouse may be, he/she cannot be Jesus to you! I believe that marriage actually awakens our undeniable need for Jesus!

Focus on Him; He is the author and the finisher of your faith (Hebrews 12:2). When you keep your eye single, He would make you  whole and complete. A marriage requires a complete man and a complete woman in order to be fulfilling. Even when challenges may arise in the home, don’t lose sight of what matters. Always remember that Jesus already paid the price to ensure you come out victorious and have peace. He is the One who has what it takes to show you the way out of any crisis in your home; steadfastly look unto Him.

Please remember that while you and your spouse still have your part to play in ensuring that your marriage is blissful, don’t look to your spouse to complete you and make you happy. Look unto Jesus, He is the only One that can give you FULL satisfaction! When you have that full satisfaction, it becomes very easy for you to attend to your spouse’s needs as you ought to. May the Lord help your understanding!


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  1. …This is a wonderful insight about our personal relationship with our savior. Thanks for sharing this truth ma. Remain ever blessed.

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