Regardless of what the world says, we are to glorify God in our body (1 Corinthians 6:20), which includes in our dressing. Keep private parts, private and stop “flaunting” yourself. It is actually shameful. Any man that finds it attractive, in all seriousness, is not in his right mind. The same man that is drawn to you because of your body, will be drawn to another woman who has a better body. I am usually embarrassed when I see women who wear clothes that are, perhaps very short and they are constantly pulling them down every second. Why put yourself through that in the first place? Someone told me that her husband actually likes it when she dresses like that. And, my answer is always that he may like it now because he wants to show you off or whatever other reason he may have, but that likeness is for a moment. When men start flocking to you, he would feel disrespected as a husband and most importantly, when you have female children who start dressing like you, his senses would come back to life and what he found attractive, he would suddenly despise. In fact, many men begin to insult their wives, calling them terrible role models for their children. So, do yourself a favor, and set a standard for yourself.

We should do all things decently and in order even in our dressing (1 Corinthians 14:40). Be modest in your dressing; if you are a Christian, let it show. Stop following the patterns of the world. Modesty is not majorly an issue of clothing but is majorly from the heart because your outward appearance is a visible and silent testimony of your Christian values. Modesty shows your dignity; it makes you worthy of respect.  And, modesty really has nothing to do with fashion; styles change all the time, but modesty never changes, the generation notwithstanding.

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2 thoughts on “MODESTY = DIGNITY”

  1. Modesty doesn’t have any thing to do with fashion, gbam well said ma.. Thanks alot for dis wise word!!! God bless u reall good.

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