I always like to admonish singles to be more focused on the heart of their future spouse. I actually feel sorry for men and women who only care about the physical looks of an individual. It makes me wonder if there are any physical changes in the person they claim to love, if they would still hang around or become missing in action. As a single man or woman, please know that the heart is God’s priority, not the looks! Pay attention to the the heart of the man or woman you want to marry. Man focuses on the outward appearance but God focuses on the heart, the heart, the heart of the individual (1 Samuel 16:17). Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being attracted to that man or woman but their heart should overshadow their appearance. That should be your prayer; not the cliche tall, dark, handsome, rich, beautiful, slim & slender man or woman. Remember that the heart of man is deep…and God has the ability to search the heart of man (Jeremiah 17:10). A tall dark and handsome man or a modelesque woman can use their looks to blindfold your eyes until you are married. We, as men may be deceived but God cannot be deceived! Don’t go casually into marriage blinded by the looks of a person otherwise you may bear some heavy consequences. Be prayerful and seek God along the way. As far as God is concerned, while other areas are important – the heart of the matter is the CONDITION of the heart!

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2 thoughts on “THE HEART OF THE MATTER….”

  1. This’s so true , I was with someone who thinks the church is just eating my money and I waste time going to church too much. I left him and now I have someone who will help me grow in The Lord . And we are also spiritually comparable. I thank God. Thank you so much mrs oyedepo for your inspiration. God bless u and your family.

  2. Hmmmmmmmmm, noted and eye opener for life!!! God replenish you more and more ma!!!!

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