true beauty

Every woman needs to know this! Your beauty is not defined by the makeup and jewellery you have on. Haven’t you seen many “ugly” gorgeous women? Well, I have. The ones who speak with foul language and have terrible attitudes, the ones who are argumentative and proud, the ones who have no respect for God or anybody, the ones whose hearts are full of wickedness! Despite their physical beauty, they are still considered unattractive. Why? Because in as much as we like looking at good looking people, we cannot deny the fact that true beauty comes from within; we cannot deny that a defective character has the power to erase any kind of apparent beauty. Dear woman, The One who made you says you are beautifully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14) without makeup (hair, eye lashes, lip gloss, etc) and without any jewellery. There is nothing wrong if you choose to use them (I believe that’s a personal thing so I won’t dwell on it) but please remind yourself that your confidence cannot be derived from such things. If you choose to use them, they should only enhance your already defined beauty! If you are not confident in your skin, just as you are first, then no amount of additions can make you confident and even attractive! That means each time they come off, your confidence deflates! You are more than that. Anybody who tells you that you are not worthy to be called beautiful unless you have makeup (wigs, weaves, eye lashes, etc) on, is a liar from the pit of hell and does not have your best interest at heart! Yes, physical beauty pleases the eyes of others but people are blessed by the beauty that comes from within. That is what they are attracted to! Your inner man, your character, and most of all – a gentle and quiet spirit (1 Peter 3:4) – that is what makes you beautiful! Please renew your mind concerning yourself and don’t waste another second putting yourself down or giving anybody the right to do so!

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