Which One Are You?


A wise woman builds her house but a foolish one tears it down with her own hands (Proverbs 14:1). As a wife and as a woman, what are you using your hands to do? Are they building or tearing down? What are you using your words and actions to do? Are they building or tearing down? I believe this scripture is particularly for the woman because women set the atmosphere or mood in the home, and everywhere else. Do you ensure the home is filled with joy, peace, laughter at every point in time? Or are you part of the challenges in the home? You may find your husband and children difficult, but are you a solution bearer or are you among the complainer, grumbler, or fault finder? A woman who is wise knows fully well that peace of mind is something she can either give or take away by her thoughts, attitude and words. Consciously ensure everything you do is positive. Let everything about you always be with grace. Colossians 4:6 tells us “Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer every man”. There is a reason why there are a number of scriptures particularly about the  women; we are told about the wise woman, the foolish woman, the brawling or argumentative woman (Proverbs 21:9, Proverbs 25:24), the woman who lacks discretion (Proverbs 11:22), the excellent wife (Proverbs 12:4), the wife that brings favour (Proverbs 18:22), the submissive wife (Ephesians 5:22-24, the prudent wife (Proverbs 19:14) and of course the very popular Proverbs 31 woman. Women are either part of the many problems in the family and society at large, or they are the solution providers! Which one are you? Be a value adding woman, be a positive reference point for other women looking for role models, be a positive reference point for other husbands to point their wives to; strive to be an exemplary woman! Remember that it is the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit that God treasures (1 Peter 3:4) not anything else. God has given you the grace to be an exemplary woman therefore tap into it and begin to put that grace to work. You will begin to see your desired changes as you do it unto God, and not man. Married or single, this applies. Husbands are not exempted from behaving wisely but this word is particularly for my sweet ladies across the globe. May God help your understanding in Jesus name. Amen!

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  1. Hmmmmm, lesson learnt!! Thanks a million for putting my life on check at all times!! Remain lifted mummy!

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