Someone is Watching You….


Children are so impressionable; what they see their parents do, is exactly what they do, at any age. How you, as a parent relate with your spouse is how your children will relate with others. You are their very first and most important human examples. They will be there when situations go right and they will also be there when situations don’t go as expected. They will be there when people disrespect and treat you wrong. They will be there when you and your spouse may have differences of opinion. They may not take much from such situations, but they will definitely remember how you react to such situations, how you settle any differences, how you handle whatever comes your way, how you respond with your words,  how you handle finances, and even how you dress. That is what they always remember; and that is what guides them in their own life.  It is important to note that whatever you don’t want them to emulate, you must never do. Don’t do the wrong things when you feel they are not watching, and then pretend to be good and civil in front of them, thinking you are smart; they are observing you more closely than you think. Keep reminding yourself that you are a living epistle read by your children (II Corinthians 3:2). There was a mother who usually dressed very provocatively and was counselled to dress modestly as a Christian woman but she felt everybody was ‘in her business‘, until her 16 year old daughter began to follow her lead. She sought counselling and kept stressing the fact that she and her husband have been speaking to this young girl but she refused to listen to them. However, her husband was the one who encouraged his wife to dress that way because he liked it. Well, these parents were told exactly what I am telling you – your children may not do what you say most times but they will always do what you do! Needless to say, before her daughter changed up her dressing style, her mother had to change hers first. Don’t let them pick up negative attributes from you; don’t let them have a flawed character based on what they have seen you do. Remember that what they learn from you –  directly or indirectly, will ultimately affect their own future! God will help us in this awesome assignment of parenthood, in Jesus name. Amen!

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  1. You were right when u said children don’t listen do wat u say but what they see u do. Wonderful piece

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