I actually believe that every woman is supposed to be quite gentle, so any time I see a woman who talks or behaves without discretion, I cringe, especially if she is married because I can only imagine what her husband may have to deal with. No man wants a wife whose mouth has no boundaries; such a woman will be be prone to gossiping about, and with others, backbiting, nagging, being quarrelsome and ultimately showing her husband no respect and honour, thereby bringing crisis into the home. 1 Peter tells us about the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit being of great price to God (1 Peter 3:4); and that verse comes after we, the women are advised not to pay too much attention to our outward appearance but to be more concerned about the inner man. I believe that should be practiced by every woman because no matter how beautiful a woman may be, the words of her mouth will either build up or tear down those around her, her attitude determine the happenings in the home; her beauty will get lost in all the filthiness associated with any negative behaviour; in summary, her beauty gets tainted by such things. Proverbs 11:22 paints the best picture; it says “as a jewel of gold in a swines snout, so is a beautiful woman which is without discretion“….. If a gold ring is in a pig’s nose, it wouldn’t be very pretty because the filth that we associate pigs with will quickly taint the beauty of the ring. I am sure you don’t find the image above appealing. Well, that is exactly how God feels about any woman who is not discreet, and does not guard her mouth. This is so key because the mouths of many women have brought their homes to ruin. Remember that Jesus was meek and lowly, that is why God exalted Him to the highest place; all you need to do is always ask God for wisdom to be evident in every word that you speak. So, as a woman, whether single or married, no matter the situation, the next time you find yourself tempted to gossip, slander, disrespect, quarrel, etc, remind yourself that if you fall for that temptation, you look exactly like a pig! I believe that should be enough to stop you; it’s definitely more than enough to keep me in check.  Nothing would be allowed to taint my beauty!

5 thoughts on “TAINTED BEAUTY….”

  1. Thanks for this word , it indeed a great checks for every woman or ladies. I learnt from it.

  2. Gbam!! Well said and lesson learnt big time!!! God bless you loads mummy!!

  3. may God grant you more wisdom… And give women the enablement to live a word-guarded life…

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