Help Her….


I think it is important that every husband and potential husband out there  encourages their wives or potential wives to discover and pursue her purpose in life. Don’t confine her to being a housewife or stay at home mother.  While I understand that it may have to happen for a season, remember that the children will become independent and begin to chart their own course in life. When that happens, if your wife was not working towards her assignment in life, she would be frustrated and sometimes bitter towards you, and towards the children.  Ask her what her dreams and visions are, and assist her in bringing them to life. Challenge her and counsel her to develop herself continuously; challenge her to find the gift God has deposited in her, and help her share that gift with the world. Apart from being wives and mothers, God expects the lives of others to be touched through every woman; we too were formed with a purpose to fulfil (Jeremiah 1:5). Many women don’t move towards their visions because they lack support from their husbands. Sit down and work out a reasonable and achievable plan with her that ensures she balances all her responsibilities effectively. Whatever you do, give her room to discover her design, pursue it and fulfil it to the maximum. Please know that a woman that is fulfilled makes a more effective wife and mother!

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  1. Thank you for the word of wisdom and the inspiration .

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