To love, is to discipline…..

Proverbs 29  17
My father in law has a saying – “The child you pamper today, will tamper with your peace tomorrow” . That is the whole truth and nothing but the truth! To pamper means to overindulge a person, giving in to their every request at every point in time. Many parents have a hard time not pampering their children, particularly when they are young. They find that it’s easier to give in to their requests rather than set boundaries for them. I am a parent, so I can relate to that, however I have learnt that if I want my children to be assets and not liabilities to my family and society at large, I must be willing to practice the art of discipline on them.  The bible says in Proverbs 29:17 – “Discipline your children, and they will give you peace; they will bring you the delights you desire”. To love our children is to discipline them. If you fail to discipline them, you have let them down in life.  To discipline means to train a person to obey rules or a code of behaviour. If your children must turn out well in life, discipline cannot be avoided; if it is avoided, you will have unruly children. The truth is that unruly children will become unruly adults and will put the family and ultimately, society at unrest. Disciplining them does not mean literally beating them to a pulp or physically (or otherwise) abusing them, so please don’t misunderstand me. Most parents fail to realise that their words carry more power than anything else. I have seen that my children respond the best to my words so that is all my husband and I ever use on them. Ultimately, when dealing with our children, we must ask for an abundance of wisdom and direction from God, and not allow our flesh to dictate our actions. It will make all the difference. Please remember that when you discipline your children, you will have abundance of peace. As you do what is necessary, your own peace concerning your children will not elude you in Jesus name. Amen!

2 thoughts on “To love, is to discipline…..”

  1. Thank you Ma for all these words of wisdom they are source of Blessings to my life. God bless you and increase your strength in Jesus Name

  2. I am so glad to be reading this today. It is reassuring for me because I believe in discipline. I am almost feeling overwhelmed because my 2 to 3 year old has suddenly become a challenge to me. She always wants to have her way. But this reminder has given me the resolve to stay on the course of discipline and remain strong with the boundaries I have set. I do not want my peace to be tempered with tomorrow. I pray for her and prophesy over her that she will give me peace and not trouble in Jesus name. Grace Lord!

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