I will never leave a fallen comrade….


A core part of an American soldiers training is that they recite what is called the soldiers creed – this is the standard by which all United States Army personnel are encouraged to live by. One statement from that creed that has remained with me since the day I heard it is this – I will never leave a fallen comrade! The soldiers are told to stay with their fellow soldier that may have been hit, stabilize him or her and if possible carry them back to base. While I lived in the U.S and had the privilege of meeting soldiers here and there, they always said they would take a bullet for their fellow soldier; it had been engrained in them. I used to think that was so strange until I had a deep conversation with a classmate of mine while I was at the University of Oklahoma. He said being in the US Army is not for the faint-hearted (I agree!) and that they are trained to stick with each other even unto death. I asked him if he had ever been in such a situation, and he pulled up his sleeve, exposed his arm and showed me some bullet wounds he had sustained. Like anybody would have been, I was stunned. Then he laughed and said “I am going back once I graduate and Kemi, if I am found in such a situation again, I would still not leave a fallen comrade on the field”! Amazing! He then told me that countries that go to war with them, noticed that they stuck together so they strategized, and would ensure that once they hit one soldier, as soon as others start diving to check on him/her, they took the opportunity to wipe out the rest. A soldier is actually trained to risk his life, even for his colleague. Every time I remember those powerful words, I actually get chills; for some reason one day, I woke up during the night and it came to my mind. As I always do, I thought …..MARRIAGE! If we were that loyal to our spouses, it would make all the difference. If people had the mindset that” if he/she goes down, I go down”, “we are in this together”, “we are on the same team for life”, and “I am not going anywhere”, “we have a common enemy”, the impending crises would be averted. Like those countries that go to war against the United States, the enemy is always strategizing, looking for a way to hit the home and bring the soldiers (husband and wife) down. That is why we have to be vigilant (1 Peter 5:8), so he does not have victory over us. No matter what comes your way, never accept the defeat of your family, never quit, stand in the gap for your spouse and receive the grace to keep the covenant together as long as it depends on you. Don’t listen to any unscriptural counsel and revert to your sword, your weapon of defense (the Word of God) which never fails. Use it diligently so that you come out victorious. No matter how many arrows are shot in your family’s direction on the battlefield; keep reminding yourself, “I must never leave my fallen comrade on the field”. Your strength will never fail!

7 thoughts on “I will never leave a fallen comrade….”

  1. Love this article! I receive fresh grace to fight and win with my comrade (hubby) in Jesus name.
    More to grace to do more, you are blessed sister Kemi.

  2. This is an awesomely inspiring write-up. God bless you richly!

  3. This an amazing piece especially in relation to Marriage, you are blessed

  4. Wooooowww, powerful article!! Lesson learnt. .The grace of God is so sufficient for us!! Remain lifted my pastor mummy K!

  5. Wow! I’m speechless. Thank you….very much. I am not married yet but I know that I will have an awesome marriage with this ‘secret’. God bless you Mrs Kemi (MOJ) and continue to give you more insight in Jesus name. Amen

  6. This is full of wisdom, may I have your permission to copy and paste in a marriage group I host with a couple of my Ex-corper NCCF on facebook?
    Thanks ma

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