build your spiritual muscle….


A major advantage of marriage is spiritual reinforcement; your marriage should add spiritual strength to you, not deplete it. Arm yourself and ensure your spouse is fully armed with the Word of God so that the day a battle comes, it is won with ease. If only one person in the marriage is armed, he or she will have to fight alone, thereby prolonging the battle. It is not the duty of the wife or the husband to be more spiritual. The husband is the leader and should take the lead spiritually, but as a wife you also must follow suit in building your spirit up. The challenges come for the both of you, not one person in the marriage. If you faint as a couple in the day of trouble, don’t blame anybody, its because your strength is small (Proverbs 24:10). Please take your family altar very seriously; pray together, study The Word together, challenge each other to grow, and engage in other spiritual exercises together. Don’t allow your responsibilities to keep you from doing that which is most needful. As I like to say marriage is a spiritual house!! While salvation is a personal journey, and you should build yourself up as an individual, remember that you are one flesh when married, so doing so together is of utmost importance if you don’t want to be overcome by the challenges that will come. If you haven’t been spending time together as a couple to engage in spiritual activities, please create time to do so regularly. Do what works with your schedule and don’t feel condemned because you cannot do it everyday. Just start somehow. So, while it is ok for you and your spouse to drink tea or coffee from separate cups, it is highly important that you drink from the same spiritual source that will enrich their family life help them overcome the storms of life.  If more couples spent more time building themselves up spiritually together, they will have less time for, and they will give no room to anything that is contrary to spirituality!!

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