Child Artist Alert….

CPYF Child Alert 3

Don’t you just love it when a little child shows you a cute picture they’ve drawn? My son and daughter do this a lot. They come up to their dad or myself to show off their masterpiece with such glowing pride and they never fail to tell you the story behind it. And if your kids are like mine, that story may take a while. They introduce each figure: mummy, daddy, aunty, ‘grandma’, ‘grandpa’, and maybe some other relatives and friends. The most interesting part of their story is what they have to say say and how close to the truth their observations and analysis are. One child I met showed me a picture of a house he had drawn with a dark cloud over it. I asked him why and he said “there is never any sunshine in my house”. That touched me so deep. Children have the gift of telling the the world what their parents think is hidden from everyone. One child might say with a mischievous snicker that daddy and mummy love kissing all the time. Another child might say with fear and pain in their eyes that daddy and mummy hit each other and say mean things to each other. Another child may even tell you that mummy and daddy never ever talk to each other. One day, my daughter gave me a picture she drew of mummy and daddy holding hands and hugging. She said “that is all you and daddy ever do”. That actually made me glad and I turned to my husband and said, “if you want to know the state of any marriage, the best people to ask are the children”. Mum and dad will try to cover up but the children, particularly if they are young, will always tell it like it is. And when they do, they leave their audience either laughing or cringing. Children are perceptive and impressionable. Therefore, we need to ensure that we employ God’s grace in setting the scene for them to learn what a godly, loving home looks and feels like. What they learn from their home life has a great impact on them and provides a model for their future. They are bound to act out or react to much of what they have seen to some extent. Your child is a actually an artist with many images of you, your spouse and the family in their head. Even as they get older and begin to chart their course in life, they still have memories etched in their minds of how the family life was. Ensure they have retained a good collection worthy of a public showing, and deemed an excellent legacy.

6 thoughts on “Child Artist Alert….”

  1. This is true talk, we need to watch our behaviour

  2. Nothing can more true!God help us parents especially mums.

  3. Dis is what many parents need to know. More Grace from above.

  4. True. May God help us to paint good pictures in our children’s minds.

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