Ignore the limits…


I love seeing women (single and married, young and old) in various industries who are setting the pace and blazing trails all over the world, particularly those who are bonafide christians and are not afraid to show it. It really goes to show that there is more to women than the box of ‘wife and mother’ that many of us have been forced to stay within. While both roles are VERY IMPORTANT, these women prove that there is so much inside of us to offer the world and they have refused to let it lie dormant. It really challenges me and encourages me to keep going after what God has designed me for and ask him for help to balance all elements of my life appropriately. While I am helping my children shine in life, and while I am ensuring I am my hubby’s best asset in life and ministry, I must also find fulfilment in my place of assignment. I encourage you dear woman, to do the same. You see that proverbs 31 woman? She is very much alive in each of us. Most women look at her and say “she is just too perfect” and we automatically disqualify ourselves. However, remember 2 Corinthians 3:18? We, who have the veil removed, are transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory. That means the bible simply  has given us a picture of what and who we can become if we keep maximising the grace He releases. Don’t allow yourself to be limited or come up as second class. Shining as a star is not reserved for the men. A quote that has stuck with me since the day I heard it says – “in our society, the women who break down barriers are those who ignore limits.” I love that! Be confident in who you are and be ready to ignore the limits that have held you back!

3 thoughts on “Ignore the limits…”

  1. Yes ma, I hear you ma, God will give us grace to shine like star IJN

  2. Having four daughters, my dad made us believe that success is not a function of gender but of determination. Thank you for reminding me that especially as a believer, I can do ALL THINGS!.

  3. Wow Ma , great words of empowerment :-D. Really made my day. For I am a provebs 31 kinda woman!

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