Today is a good day…


How often do you spend time with your children? Ok, when was the last time you spent quality time with your children? I don’t mean you being in the same room with them, I mean doing something with them that they consider fun regardless of their age. Many parents hardly ever sit down and dialogue or engage in activities with their children. They are always on the run, going to work, or coming from work, doing other activities that matter to them. Parenting is a great responsibility that requires us to balance our time well. And one of the best ways to show your children love is to “hang out” with them. It also gives them a chance to know you better. If you have toddlers, let loose and roll on the floor with them; let them jump on you, watch some cartoons, just relax! If you have teens, find out what’s going on with them, how school is, how life is in general, ask them questions and give them room to speak. Play soccer, baseball, whatever they enjoy, with them. Get interested in what matters to them. Interact with each one according to their level. While still being the parent, you can still make room to be a friend with boundaries. Most parents don’t know their children and vice versa because they don’t bother to spend quality time with them and they are so focused on being a parent, declaring rules and regulations every minute. If you create a wall between your child and yourself, they would look for a listening ear (mostly negative) outside. Maximise the time you have with them by sowing scriptural based seeds into them and making fond memories because before you know it, they would be out of the house and you will feel their absence. Even if they are out of the house now, find a way to bond with them.  And stop pushing it off till tomorrow; who knows tomorrow? Once you finish reading this, call your child(ren) up to simply chat or plan a day of bonding together. Whatever you do,  today is a good day to be a friendly parent!

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  1. I like this article because its missing in many homes. Being INVOLVED is key in any childs life. Its a language of love. Jesus’ grace is sufficient.

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