Do Good..


She will do him [her husband] good and not evil all the days of her life (Proverbs 31:12). As a wife, please endeavour to do good everyday to your husband; the good you do is actually seed for your life. We as women, are so hospitable and nurturing, we can love on strangers, do good to others in the faith and to other members of our family but sometimes we get so used to our hubby’s that we don’t go the extra mile for them. If anybody is getting our best, it should begin with the physical head of our homes.  Please don’t forget to do good to him. You sow so close to home when you do him good. The edifying words you say, the acts of kindness towards him, your tolerance of his imperfections and much else will enrich your family life and make your marriage stronger than ever. Don’t allow your feelings to take over your actions with him. The bible reminds us that even when they are not of the the faith, they can be easily won over by our conversation and conduct (1 Peter 3:1). Also, know that it will rub off on your children too and they will showcase the fruit of the good (or bad) you do. So, as you can see, the effects are wider than you can think. Make up your mind to do good to him always, reminding yourself that as you do so, you are ultimately doing it to God and He will reward you abundantly.

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  1. When we see ourselves as ONE FLESH, it beomes easier to him/her good.

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