Let Go Of Pride…


One of the major causes of crisis in marriages is PRIDE. The bible tells us in Proverbs 13:10 – “Pride only breeds quarrels” and quarrels affect the communication in the home and only hinders the intimacy a husband and wife should experience. Having the “I am always right” or “I am better than him/her” mind-set is absolutely destructive in any home. If you allow pride to take over your being, and destroy your home, that is a way of tearing down your home with your own hands. As the husband, you may be the head of the home, however, your wife must be given room to voice her opinions and her opinions should be respected even when they are different from yours. You must make allowances for differences. See it as a privilege, and not a right to be instituded as the leader of the family. Even when opinions differ, they don’t need to divide you, if you want your spouse to see it from your perspective, your approach is key. As a wife, don’t be so arrogant that you cannot respect or submit to your husband. It doesn’t matter if you make more money or have more degrees or you just don’t want to be answerable to any man. Instead, ask God for the grace to do so and He would release it upon you freely. Remember, “it is the proud that he knows from afar off” (Psalm 138:6). So if your pride separates you from God, how can He help you? He is the one who created marriage and should be your ultimate source of help to make your marriage a picture of His intentions. Pride is that one should not be proud of – prune it away from your heart and your home, before it prunes you away from your home.

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  1. Pride goes before destruction…..most homes are ‘destroyed’ because pride was allowed to go first instead of humilty. When we let go of pride, our homes are ‘constructed’ for His glory.

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