Intruder Alert….

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Have you ever heard that kind of alarm go off before? It may be in your home, in your school, in your work place, anywhere. When an intruder comes into an environment, everybody takes cover and tries to protect themselves from such a person. An intruder is one who comes into a space with criminal intent. That can never be a good thing. Unfortunately, that is the state of many homes across the globe right now. Any home full of strife, division, etc is a home full of intruders and void of Gods blessings (James 3:16).  A very simple truth – committing any kind of crime and putting any family in dissaray is the agenda of the enemy. You have the power to kept the devil and his evil works out of your home and you have the power to let him in. Simply put up a sign over your home:



And the list goes on and on. Any such thing that tries to come in should be seen as an intruder, an unwelcome guest. If you see an intruder in your house, you won’t sit back and have a laugh with them. Send everything contrary to a crisis free home packing without apologies. Most homes on the face of the earth have the intruder alarm ringing so loud, yet the husband and wife are so relaxed, while the intruder has a field day, robbing them of a peaceful home. It’s my prayer that you wake up and stop watching your home cave in, making excuses in the name of accepting the status quo of marriage from any man or woman, who did not create it. Wake up to the fact that the enemy is on a home destroying mission and if you don’t stop him, he would do all he can to take yours down. The good news is that he has lost already. However, nothing works unless you work it. So get to work and get that intruder OUT!

Be Consistent….

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In marriage, the body of the husband belongs to the wife and vice versa (1 Corinthians 7:1-5). We are not expected to refrain our bodies from each other but rather to ensure that there is a total union in the body. It is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about because the blessing of God is fully on the marriage bed and He created sex, among other things for your enjoyment as husband and wife. This is a fundamental part of marriage and should be taken seriously. In actual fact, being inconsistent with your sex life, gives room to the devices of the devil. When a husband and wife are truly united in the body, they are fully ready and able to overcome all sorts of temptations from outside. The number of marriages that have experienced crises because of this is innumerable. You find the unsatisfied spouse indulging in filthy things such as pornography, masturbation, drinking to drown his/her sorrows away, and any other destructive activity available that they believe will make up for the lack of physical intimacy. Unless there are major reasons for abstaining (medical, fasting, as agreed by husband and wife, etc), sex should be as often as possible, no matter how busy your schedule is. Don’t overlook this area for any reason because once the enemy finds an opportunity to destroy any marriage, he takes it.  Remember, the scriptures tell husbands and wives not to refrain for too long so that the enemy does not tempt us due to our inconsistency.Your marriage bed is important to God, therefore you must guard it jealously. As you do what is required, the devices of the enemy concerning your marriage will be disappointed.

Push them to God…


Many parents are diligent at pushing their children to do well in their academics. They would go out of their way to ensure their children have all the books, hardware and software to excel academically. If their children show some promise in areas like sports or music, they’ll invest heavily in some state of the art kit to enhance their growth in that area. All these are great but even better, when combined with sound spiritual training.

It is sad to see that child who is carrying around a shabby bible – a torn and worn ‘book’ in a version the child cannot comprehend not to talk less of enjoying its contents. Isn’t the bible the most important book for living a successful and victorious Christian life?

You paw through the bookshelves of some homes and there are no books, DVDs or music of spiritual value that can communicate the power of Christ in simple and impacting ways to them. How can you motivate them to read and live the word of God without decent resources?

Concentrating only on mental and physical development deprives children of essential spiritual nourishment. It is like continuously feeding them a diet of carbohydrates only without the right measure of protein and vitamins.

Please know that a child without God is a future that is not secure. So, sit down and think of creative, engaging ways to help your child grow spiritually. Think about ways to incorporate spiritual activity into everyday activity – playtime, bath time, meal time, etc. I personally never permit a day to go by without having conversations with my children about God’s Word. I even use their play time to go over their memory verses with them. If your children happen to be older; teens perhaps, you can still come up with practical ideas that will catch their attention. It is so important to do this while you have their fullest attention! Ask your child for ideas too – you might be well surprised at their innovative ideas. Doing nothing or leaving their spiritual growth to the Sunday school or children’s church teacher, or teens church is highly irresponsible. Take full responsibility. No child becomes successful by accident nor by prayer alone.

May The Lord give you grace and make your children mighty in Jesus name (Psalm 112:1-2).