Push them to God…


Many parents are diligent at pushing their children to do well in their academics. They would go out of their way to ensure their children have all the books, hardware and software to excel academically. If their children show some promise in areas like sports or music, they’ll invest heavily in some state of the art kit to enhance their growth in that area. All these are great but even better, when combined with sound spiritual training.

It is sad to see that child who is carrying around a shabby bible – a torn and worn ‘book’ in a version the child cannot comprehend not to talk less of enjoying its contents. Isn’t the bible the most important book for living a successful and victorious Christian life?

You paw through the bookshelves of some homes and there are no books, DVDs or music of spiritual value that can communicate the power of Christ in simple and impacting ways to them. How can you motivate them to read and live the word of God without decent resources?

Concentrating only on mental and physical development deprives children of essential spiritual nourishment. It is like continuously feeding them a diet of carbohydrates only without the right measure of protein and vitamins.

Please know that a child without God is a future that is not secure. So, sit down and think of creative, engaging ways to help your child grow spiritually. Think about ways to incorporate spiritual activity into everyday activity – playtime, bath time, meal time, etc. I personally never permit a day to go by without having conversations with my children about God’s Word. I even use their play time to go over their memory verses with them. If your children happen to be older; teens perhaps, you can still come up with practical ideas that will catch their attention. It is so important to do this while you have their fullest attention! Ask your child for ideas too – you might be well surprised at their innovative ideas. Doing nothing or leaving their spiritual growth to the Sunday school or children’s church teacher, or teens church is highly irresponsible. Take full responsibility. No child becomes successful by accident nor by prayer alone.

May The Lord give you grace and make your children mighty in Jesus name (Psalm 112:1-2).

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