As a parent, your task is to MAKE your children, not BREAK them. No excuse is good enough as to why any parent should be ok with tearing their children down instead of building them up and speaking life into them. I tend to hear many parents who make comments like, “Well, that’s how I was raised. I was beaten, spoken to anyhow and look at me; I turned out just fine”. Or so you think. When I ask them if they liked being treated that way, not one person ever says “yes”.  The fact that you were raised that way does not make it the right kind of training. In fact, I personally believe that if it did happen to you, you have more reasons why you should not do the same to your children. Don’t make them pay for the pain you may have experienced otherwise, they too may continue that cycle. That is why there is usually a strain in most children-parent relationships. And, you find that most children are eager to leave their parents home and only come back to visit once in a blue moon, if at all. Deal with your children, irrespective of their age, in a respectable manner always; show them love always. Even when they do wrong, use it as an opportunity to teach them something, see it as an opportunity to make them. Never allow yourself to say or do damaging things to them, such words stick and are hard to get over except by the grace of God! It is a sad thing to see a full grown adult who is still affected by hurtful words and actions from their parents or parental figures; it affects every area of their life. Please don’t be careless; everything you do towards them carries more consequences than you think. When it comes to our children, with every action and with every word comes a making or a breaking!

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  1. Words ate powerful and the scripture says a wholesome tongue is a tree of righteousness, and our tongue contains a consuming power to either good or bad depending on how is used.. as a xtian we Walk in love and practice and live love therefore, we should practice love and let the kids see and experience the love.

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