dont settle

It is true that there is no specific laid down rule for the length of courtship that a man and woman should embark on, however, it is so important to ensure that you (not anyone else) are at peace (100%) about that man or woman, before saying “I do”. I suggest that you have a thorough checklist of critical issues that can make or break a home. The list should contain items such as your individual spiritual frequency, agreement on how the home will be run particularly when it comes to children, finances, work patterns, dealing with the in-laws and even vision, among many other vital points. Go over each item one by one and if there are things that you feel strongly about, let it be known and do not compromise. While I would like you to remember that no human being is perfect and compromise is required,  wisdom is an essential tool. Be confident in your heart that you are not just settling for what is out there and be very real with yourself when making your decision. Remember that the worst type of deception is self deception and moreover you will be the one to bear the consequences of carrying on with a relationship and ultimately marriage by yourself, whether good or bad. Don’t do it for anybody because in the day of adversity, all people will do is pray and fast on your behalf, believing that things would change for the better for you.   Whatever you do, please know that according to God’s divine agenda, you deserve a blissful family life so DO NOT SETTLE for anything less than God’s best for you! It is better to be happily single than to be miserably married; the choice is yours!

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  1. I tried sticking to all those rules, only to realise recently he’s a pathological liar, deceiver, drunk, smoker and cheat. He actually did tell me, but he said he had repented of them. I believed. But recently got wind that he still indulged in them, by his close friend, a pastor, whose conscience won’t let him because he saw my zeal for God. I have been so disappointed lately, although when praying about his proposal earlier, the Lord showed me the guy was an unfinished work and would require some ‘working-on’ to get him on track to his glorious future. I saw this 3times (once God speaks, you hear twice). He seemed a believer who is not so committed, so I kept working on him with anointed books and tapes, and kept on praying, I can’t believe all those didn’t have an effect on him as much as I expected it to. I haven’t told him I know the much I know, because he could trace it to his friend because of a recent rebuke, and I wouldn’t want that. I just need encouragement on how to go about walking away; good/righteous, healthy suggestions will suffice. I want to do it very discretely. Thank you very much ma, God bless and increase you ma. And God bless Winners family with wonders unending. Amen.

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