You are the coach….


“Train up a child in the way that he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). Among other things, to train means to instruct by example. You must SHOW your children what to do. They are more interested in what you are doing than what you are saying. You have to be honest if you want your children to be honest. You can’t teach them to love or forgive others when you don’t show love or forgiveness towards your spouse. You cant tell them to handle issues calmly, when you are always raising your voice at them, at their father/mother, or anybody else. You teach them such things by actually DOING such things. A great coach always show the athlete what to do by example and ensures that athlete does it consistently until it becomes a part of them. Most of the problems we see in the society today begin from the home. Parenting is demanding; it is a high calling with great responsibilities. The children we are raising are the leaders of tomorrow. They are to be champions in life; the ones to preserve the coming generations and advance the kingdom of God based on what we have invested in them. We must see ourselves as the coaches and do what we can, with the help of God, to ensure they turn out right. And glory be to God, we have the Word of God as our training manual to raise them up in the right way. Lay your hands on that great manual and utilize it diligently. Their lives depend on it. As you do, your own children will stand out in life.

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  1. Praise GOD for these words of wisdom. It has really dawned on me that Raising GODLY Children is so much hardwork. I’ve been thirsting for words of wisdom and grace required to truly bring up my children in the way of The LORD.
    It has been one of my strongest desires, but now that I’m presently a mother of two wonderful children it seems harder than I thought.
    I thank GOD that these words of wisdom have strengthened me and I’m determined to put all to work.

  2. Truly,parenting is demanding. All I ask Lord is grace and more grace in Jesus name

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