View yourself as valuable..


It’s important to know your worth when it comes to marraige. Please don’t marry anyone who feels like he or she is doing you a favour by getting married to you. If a man or woman feels you are unworthy of them, loose them and let them go! Don’t beg anybody to love you and please don’t claim God told you that is your spouse; God values you and He expects your spouse to do the same! Be wise! Anyone who marries you like that would never esteem you and you would be most miserable😭😒. It is better to be on your own than live such a life. Marry the one who considers you a blessing😃😉 and a positive addition👍 to his/her life! Whether you are a man or woman, please view yourself as valuable, as top class👌, as unique, and carry yourself that way; stop settling for just anybody; God would send you a spouse to match your worth👏!

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