Joy & Laughter….


A marriage that is void of joy and genuine laughter will be full of tension and strife. It can be disheartening to see a couple and even a family that lacks any iota of genuine joy. Where there is joy and laughter, any challenges that may arise do not look as intimidating as they should be. Examine your family life to weed out areas that may be affecting the joy that should be so evident in marriage and work on getting them out at all cost. Joy is so crucial that it affects ones health (Proverbs 17:22); that is why an environment of strife breeds unwell, depressed, and angry people. Bear in mind that it also affects your children. Take time to consciously laugh with your spouse today and everyday, and stop taking yourself so seriously. Even if you are not yet married, the same applies. If you relationship is like a graveyard right now, one can only imagine what the marriage will be like. If everybody is walking on egg shells around you, if your home environment is filled with tension on any level, if your children are not enjoying their childhood, you should be concerned. Any such environment is the perfect place for the enemy and his cohorts to come in. Therefore, make it a point of duty to ensure that joy unspeakable is tangible in your family life!

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