It is so important to ensure that you are walking in the spirit at all times; when you do that, you give no room to the flesh (Galatians 5:16). Most singles today are walking in the flesh and make decisions about marriage in the flesh that affect their lives negatively. You must ensure that your spiritual eyes and your physical eyes work hand in hand when you are on a mission to locate your spouse, and also while you are in the relationship. In fact, elevate your spirit over your flesh.

There is nothing wonderful about having a husband or wife that may be the most attractive in the world, yet they are against the progress of the family or even adding to the challenges that may arise. The day the challenges come, their handsomeness or beauty will automatically fade away. Be spiritually sensitive when choosing your spouse. While being attracted to your spouse is important, remember that marriage is a spiritual house and you CANNOT build it with carnal methods. So whatever you are doing, whether before marriage or while in marriage, ensure that you are moving by the spirit and not your flesh. Stop looking at everything from a physical perspective. Remember it is the spirit realm that controls the natural realm (2 Corinthians 4:18). Build yourself up spiritually like your life depends on it; the headache and chaos it would save you from in marriage cannot be measured!

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  1. Powerful message. Am blessed with this message. Like I always say “you are my eyes opener”. Thanks a lot. More grace Ma. . .

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