2015 Qoute Dont fall for it KO 20 x 20cm

One of the downfalls of many men or women’s destiny is covetousness. It is one of the major destroyers of many homes and marriages. It is defined as the intense desire to have something, especially what belongs to someone else. People are covetous because they are not content with what they have, and many times we find husbands/wives who go through all lengths to get what they covet at all cost, never thinking about the consequences. For example, a man may see a particular vehicle that someone has and lose his mind because he MUST have it by all means. Or a woman may see a particular shoe/dress on someone else and wants it at all cost. Many even put pressure on their spouses to buy them this and that so they can keep up with the trend and with the lifestyle of others. So anytime funds come into the home, their top priority is to spend it, at the expense of the welfare of the family. Yet, when funds are needed for something vital, they start running helter skelter, looking for who can give them the money that should have been there in the first place. It is discontentment that causes such an attitude; people are not happy with what they have, where they are and even whom they are married to; they believe there is something better so they chase after it. It not limited to material things, marriage itself is undermined today because people are covetous. They are discontent with one partner for life; they compare their spouses to others, so that causes dissatisfaction in them to the extent that they go outside of their marital homes looking for “greener pastures”. Covetousness is indeed very costly, and every one of us can be a victim of it if heed is not taken so it is important to be sensitive and ensure that this sin does not take a hold of us because the results are detrimental. That is why Jesus said we must beware of it; we must guard ourselves against it (Luke 12:15). For Him to say beware of it shows how dangerous it is.  What is the cure for this? CONTENTMENT! Don’t fall for the perception that any body’s life is better than yours. Don’t fall for the perception that any other man or woman is better than your spouse. Trust me, that man or woman has some flaws that you will not appreciate. Be content and thankful for what pertains to you. Covetousness takes a toll on any person and any family. Stop looking at others and focus on your life and family, to bring the best out of both. So from today, let the attitude of contentment be your watchword.

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  1. I thank God for His abundant grace and wisdom in your life ma! The problem many spouse or intending spouse are facing today is discontentment. They only see the flaws and weakness in their spouse more than God’s inherent virtues in them. We should be grateful to God for what we have. Thank you.

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