Anything that is original, endures. That is why fake leather bags, shoes, clothes don’t last long because they are not original. That is also why everybody strives to get what is original. While whatever is original may cost more than what is not, most of us do all we can to get it why? Because it is durable and it endures!

When the love between a husband and a wife is absolutely original, not counterfeit, it will last through anything.

When you have an original leather jacket or bag, for example, it weathers the storm, it remains strong over the years come hell or high water. It will take a lot for it to be damaged. However, a fake leather jacket or bag has holes after one or two wears and depending on the quality, the holes may be there even before you wear it for the first time.

Original love says I am here despite the challenges!
Original love says I won’t let anything separate us!
Original love says I remain loyal to you!
Original love is Christ laying down His life for us (1 John 3:16-18)!
Original love is selflessness!
Original love is God sending His one and only son to die for our sins (John 3:16)!
Original love is the kind of love that Christ has for the church (Ephesians 5:25-30)!
Original love is a husband and wife displaying all of the above!

That is exactly how love is; it’s either original or counterfeit, it’s either leather or pleather – imitation leather!

Many marriages and relationships are filled with imitation love. The man is there when the going is good but when something goes wrong, he is missing in action. The woman is happy as long as the finances are stable but if, for whatever reason the finances slow down or stop coming in, she questions if the man is really for her. Original love requires tough skin because it knows that the road may become bumpy but it is fully prepared to endure till the end. That is what most marriages need.

Original loves costs more than counterfeit or imitation love! It requires more time, energy, resources and a lot of determination to build and maintain it. Not everybody can give original love easily but everybody can ask God (The Original love – 1 John 4:8) for grace to give this kind of love. If you are finding it difficult, cast your cares on Him and He would teach you what it means to love through every season of life.

Original love is real love; it is genuine love; it is actual love; it is durable love; it is authentic love!

If the love is not original in any marriage or relationship, it will eventually disintegrate!

5 thoughts on “ORIGINAL LOVE IS….”

  1. The love of God is already shed abroad in our hearts, if we YIELD to it, it will be easy to love originally.

  2. Thank you Ma for helping to confirm d originality in my marriage by God’s grace. All I ask is more grace to be an enviable husband to my wife and bestest of dads to our children and their children. AMEN.

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