The Most Authentic Navigation System….

2015 Qoute The most authentic navigation system KO 20 x 20cm

One day, while my husband and I were heading somewhere, we relied on the navigation system or sat nav to lead us on the journey. As the system was directing us, it began to lead us  down a particular route  that we felt would take much longer to get to our destination. We had been to this place before so we felt we knew a better route and decided not to follow the directions of the system anymore.  As we carried on, we suddenly got caught up in VERY HEAVY traffic; I mean we were literally at a stand still for a long time. My husband looked at me and said “ah! This must be why the nav was telling us to take a seemingly longer route.” I simply laughed and agreed with him. I pondered on our predicament for some time and considering the fact that I always relate all my experiences to spiritual things, I told him that this must be how a lot of people and the Holy Spirit are; this must be how many miss their appointment in the journey of life because they feel they know a better route to take. I am sure you can relate to our experience in some way!

You may have heard or read about the comparison of the navigation system to the The Holy Spirit. I call Him the most authentic sat nav that exists. In fact the bible states in Romans 8:14, that  “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons (or children) of God“. Also, in John 16:13, when Jesus talked about Him, He said “….he will guide you into all truth…”. Doesn’t that make you glad? As long as you are born again, God has given you a personal sat nav who is with you all the time, who has the responsibility to look ahead and direct us through the journey of life! The truth is that just like in our experience, He tries to take many down the right path but a lot of us may consider His path too long, and feel like we know a better way. So many times, His instructions are ignored and this has caused many to  get stuck in the traffic of life. Just like the physical system, when the Holy Spirit sees impending danger, He redirects our route to take us out of harms way. That is why it is so important to be sensitive to Him, take the time to build yourself up in Spiritual things. Don’t isolate this priceless navigation system to just your finances or your career, engage Him in everything – even in your marriage or courtship. Many single ladies and gentlemen have been saved from a crisis filled marriage just because they heeded to the Holy Spirit and did not let their emotions get in the way. You may be in a relationship now that seems so rosy but if your spirit man is still not at peace, that is the Holy Spirit warning you; DO NOT IGNORE HIM! In your marriage, let the Holy Spirit be your guide in how you handle the affairs of your home. Before you speak to your spouse or in dealing with your children, for example, ask the Holy Spirit to give you utterance that would gain entrance into his/her heart; and if you consciously engage the Him, the fruit of the Spirit will be demonstrated in all you do; use this priceless gift from God for absolutely EVERYTHING!

Just in case you feel like you may have missed it for whatever reason, it is never to late to go back to God and reconcile with Him, then once you do, redirect your focus to the most authentic navigation system to aid you in the journey of life!

Back to our experience; by deciding to follow our own directions, guess what happened? We missed our appointment and had to reschedule! Thank God it was just a dinner reservation!!

I pray for you that you will not miss any appointment, in your family & otherwise, that God has prepared for you!

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  1. I life this platform, I will like to b part of it

  2. “Thank you Ma” is all I can say. Yes! I just remembered another thing to say,………….”Thank you Ma”.

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