Be therewith content….

The below is a piece written by my dear sister in law – AYOMITIDE OYEDEPO. It will be a blessing to you. Enjoy….


There is so much joy and peace in contentment, so much that if you put pressure on yourself to satisfy the world, you will never enjoy your life. 1 Timothy 6:8 says, “..And having food and raiment let us be therewith content.” The Bible also tells us that godliness with contentment is great gain (1 Timothy 6:6). That scripture basically means that once you have God on your side, practice contentment, and what you will get is great gain; even gains that money cannot buy. Ensure that despite the pressures of the world on you, you do not put pressure on your own self. Be satisfied with each stage you are in per time, fully assured that God has the best in store for you and He will make it available when you need it. Sometimes, people make statements like “I’ve done all I know to do, but it looks like God is still not blessing me.” I tell them that if they have truly done all, the next step is to wait; God is not blind, He will honour you in due season. I will like to paint this picture for you, which has helped me in no small measure: my 3 year old son LOVES cars to a fault and he sometimes wants to drive himself and everyone so desperately, but as much as he loves the car, I can never give him the keys at this time, despite his tears. Why don’t I give the keys to him? First, because I love him so much; secondly, because I know better and thirdly, I don’t want his life or the life of the people he wants to drive, to be cut short.  When he becomes of age, and he can handle the responsibilities that come with driving a car, he will get the keys. That is exactly how it is with many children of God; they feel they know better than God and are not satisfied with their current state, not realizing that God is saving them from many disasters that may arise. The truth is that even if God were to explain His reasons to them, they wouldn’t understand; they want what they want and they want it NOW. As long as you’re walking in God’s Will for your life, be too convinced that your story can only get better and what you don’t have right now, you truly don’t need. God knows the best time to give you those things you desperately desire, and trust me, you’d be thankful to God that He actually didn’t hearken to your own timing. Hebrews 13:5 tell us that “…..and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee”. He will never leave you nor forsake you – that should give you so much comfort. Don’t let your heart be troubled, simply remain content even in the challenges you may be facing. Hold your peace and at the right time, God Himself will bring you out!

3 thoughts on “Be therewith content….”

  1. This is powerful woman of God,my mother thank for the word ad for wat u are doing to us emporing us teaching us how to wait upon God, I believe every sigle is leaning ad ll make no mistakes,I am leaning a lot too thanks mum God bless u ad use u more

  2. This has really blessed. I have been thinking why its taking too long for me to get married but from your article I have realized that I am still being prepared. God richly bless you.

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