My daughter was playing with her fake dog a few days ago and as I walked by, I gave her a big hug. When I began to walk away, she said “mummy loves me so much” as she combed her dogs hair. I walked back to where she was and said “of course I love you” She said “yes I know, and you will always love me” I said “you are right. I will always love you” She said “no matter what, you will love me forever”.

I laughed and said yes. Then I asked her “how do you know mummy loves you?” She said “because you always tell me you do, and you always give me big hugs, that’s how I know, mummy”, and carried on with her dog.

I simply smiled and went about my business but I began to think about how vulnerable my children are with me; they believe absolutely everything I say and take it as the law, as the truth. Because they know I love them, it is easy for them to have ‘faith’ in me. Because they know I love them, they don’t question the fact that I would meet their needs to the best of my ability. They take me at my word. It made me think about my relationship with God.

No wonder Jesus said unless we become like little children, we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 18:3). It means that we have to take God at His Word at every point in time simply because He has said so. It means that we need to change our mind-set and think exactly like children think. It’s not that we need to become immature or childish, but we must learn to accept things effortlessness from The Word of God.

It reminded me of some time ago, when I was meditating after studying about faith in Hebrews 11. I thought about how important faith was for people like Joseph, Daniel, Abraham, Sarah and others in the scriptures, to stand out in life. For them, hoping and believing in God’s Word, simply accepting it, is what made the difference. Something came to my spirit that day from God, and it was “the same way your children have faith in you; you also, must have faith in me”. That made it as practical as it could be for me!

One Sunday when my husband was teaching, he said something that stuck with me. He said “the Bible is simply a documentation of God’s thoughts towards us (Jeremiah 29:11). He has already told us how He feels about us. Our responsibility is to believe what He has said and accept it by faith”

That is all we need to do. The fact that God has said it, should be enough for us. The fact that I tell my daughter I love her is enough for her to accept it and take it as the truth. So she is at rest just knowing that; which means that every ounce of fear and anxiety is far from her.

It’s that simple. He loves you so much and He has proven it by sending His son to die on the cross (John 3:16). It cannot be any more practical than that. All He needs you to do is to accept that truth and have faith in Him. When you do so, you will no longer have any reason to fret over the issues of life!

As I walked away from my daughter, I began to sing the popular song that children always sing:

Jesus loves me this I know for the bible tells me so

Little ones to Him belong. They are weak but He is strong

Yes Jesus loves me. Yes Jesus loves me. Yes Jesus loves me.

The Bible tells me so!

That song is so simple but it also depicts the deep truth of God’s love towards us. I pray you will see His love as more than enough for you. When you accept it effortlessly and just bask in that truth, all things contrary to peace of mind will be far from you!

4 thoughts on “IT’S ENOUGH FOR YOU….”

  1. Oh how reassuring. This is my best piece yet. And it made me say a prayer of apology and repentance to God for all the times and ways I didn’t and haven’t trusted Him enough. His track record is flawless. I have no reason to doubt Him. He’s beyond faithful merciful gracious and kind to me. I can sit of His love forever. I will get trust Him the Help not m countenance.. if we who are evil know how to give good gifts to our children how much more God. Every good and perfect gift comes from above, from the father of lights with whom there’s no variableness or shadow of turning. Nothing good will He withold from they that walk uprightly..

  2. When you believe in what is taught and believe in your spirit and action all is possible to recieve what God has inherited into your life. As the Scripture says, believing without action is dead or worthless, being by itself. Again, God reiterates:

    For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith [believing] without works [action] is dead also. – James 2: 26.

  3. With all that is within you do all with the love of the lord and spread it to all you know .If love were just an emotion, then God couldn’t command it. But love is something you do. It can produce emotion, but love is an action. The Bible says, “Let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions” (1 John 3:18 NLT.

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