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Some years ago, a friend of mine was getting married and everybody was so excited about it except her; she was just not at peace concerning it. Many of us didn’t really understand what the issue was because this gentleman was handsome, born again, and spirit filled. She really wanted to get married and she tried to hold on to him and although she was not at peace, she couldn’t really understand what her reservations were. We saw that her enthusiasm and excitement became less and less as the wedding day got closer so we began to pray for her and asked the Holy Spirit to reveal whatever was wrong, to her. So much effort went into the planning but guess what, two weeks before the grande wedding was to take place, it was called off! It was a shock to everyone and it was a terrible season in her life. Although she cried every night for months, although she was extremely embarrassed, she knew in her heart of hearts that he was not the one for her. The gentleman was not a bad person at all. He was good but He was not for her.  And because she was in tune in her spirit, she was able to discern and not allow her emotions to lead her down the wrong path in marriage. I personally believe that God was protecting her from whatever was down the line.

As a single lady or gentleman who is looking forward to marriage, it is important that you don’t bypass the leading of the Holy Spirit when making your decision to get married. Whatever you do, ensure you are fully spirit led. Forget the excitement of everyone and be real with yourself. Surrender yourself to God; let Him take over. Yes, that lady, that gentleman may be wonderful but is he/she God’s best for you? Don’t force that relationship; your times are in God’s hands (Psalm 31:15) so don’t let pressure be your motivator. He knows what is to come so He is the best Person to show you which way to go and whom you should go with. There is a definition of wait that I love so much – “Remaining in readiness for a purpose”. That is my point to you today. Marriage has a purpose but that purpose cannot be established if you enter this institution carelessly. The coming together of a man and woman in marriage should not be aimless but purposeful. If you rush or move too slow, you may miss the purpose.

I really applauded her courage to call it off despite all the resources and emotional investment that went into the relationship, and despite what people will say or think. In fact, I recall someone being angry about having to spend so much money preparing for the wedding that never took place and I asked this individual “would you rather hear about her being miserable in the marriage at the end of the day? Is how much you spent worth her peace of mind?” Of course that was the end of that conversation. I am quite passionate about singles because there is still a chance of preventing undesirable situations and there is a saying that “prevention is better than cure“. In the book of Proverbs 16:25, and Proverbs 14:12, we are told that “there is a way that appears to be right but its end is the way of death“.

That destructive end can only be avoided when we don’t hurry but move according to God’s timing and direction. For my friend, I also thank God for honouring her because a few years later, God’s best for her showed up unexpectedly. And that’s how God works. Habakkuk 2:1 talks about waiting to see hear what God has to say before making a move; that’s exactly how it should be if we don’t want to miss what God has in store. When you move according to His rhythm, you find that what He gives to you is far better than what you had in mind for yourself (Ephesians 3:20). It’s my prayer for you that you hearken to the voice of the Lord and receive strength & grace to just wait!

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  1. Infact its the naked truth,as a victim i agree with u that whatsever is of God has no regrets.It may seem taking long bt its worth a waiting.I was in tears when i let the spirit of God to direct me,its not easy coz body n spirit r in conflict bt when u’ve that will of being led by God He will always gives strength to wait..i always bless the Lord for what i have now.

  2. Thank you so much for this wonderful piece of advice. God bless you.

  3. This is really a timely piece Ma. More insight by the Holy Ghost in Jesus name.

  4. Amen in Jesus name .i’ m also waiting on God’s best for my life and i know it will end in praise. Nothing like what God ordained

  5. This is true, and i think while waiting & someone shows up, d best key to look forward to is ‘peace’.., though it tarry, God give us d grace to wait…d expectation of d righteous shall not be cut off!
    More inspiration ma!

  6. Wow what a great word in season. Thank you Kemi . This is just for me. I experienced this on two occasions. The last one was six months ago. It looked deadly , but I can boldly thank God for his deliverance. He saved me! Two months of sleepless nights but God pulled me through once again I can boldly say Thank you Lord!

  7. I’m still topping the mentorees chart #smiles# Thank you for this.

  8. I’m presently in waiting. The LORD is grooming me. At a point I felt frustrated & tired of the wait. Depression & doubt crept into my heart & soul. Thank God for His goodness, mercy, loving kindness & grace I pulled through. I have more patience, knowledge & understanding now.

  9. Great piece ma. Everyone I have met bemoaning their marriage will always agree that they saw signs at the beginning that they chose to ignore. God is not wicked to put us in homes where we are frustrated. The truth is, He can only guide those who are seeking his pleasure and are submissive to His leading. “A broken engagement is better than a failed marriage “- Mama Oyedepo
    Nothing can beats the peace of mind present in a home

  10. Iwill wait on the lord, though he tarries still i will wait, God will perfect what he has started ( concerning my marital destiny), something glorious is coming on my way. This is a word in season for me. God bless you with more wisdom Mama K

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