Make it a pleasurable one…


Please don’t forget to enjoy your life with your spouse. Stop being so serious that you don’t go on dates, go for walks, you don’t have playful conversations, you don’t tickle each other and run around the house. Enjoy your life & create your dream marriage – it’s for life! He has given us all things (including marriage) richly to enjoy (1 Timothy 6:17) so go ahead and enjoy it. Create your own fun with each other and with your entire family; make the atmosphere a jovial and uplifting one and stop being so stiff. Remember that  where there is joy, God resides! Literally speak to your spouse and children in songs, hymns, and spiritual songs; find joy in every moment. Homes that are void of joy and laughter are more often than not, filled with people who are depressed, frustrated, angry, and even unwell and there can’t be progress in such an environment! That is why the Word of God should dwell richly in you so that you always have a seasoned word for every situation (Colossians 3:16). Take a cue from where God placed the first couple – in the garden of Eden. Eden means a place of delight and pleasure, so why should your own marriage and family life be any different? .It doesn’t have to be just in your physical marital home but anywhere you are together, should be enjoyable. Regardless of what stage you may be in now, your home, your marriage, your family life can only be what you make it to be – make it a pleasurable one!

4 thoughts on “Make it a pleasurable one…”

  1. Thanks a lot ma ma for this masterpiece. I am truly blessed. There are some little things that matters to the success of our homes that you have just highlighted. Noted.

  2. Thank you a great deal and may the Almighty God continue to increase you in divine wisdom, Knowledge & Understanding. Happy home, Marriage &Family life has always been my heart desire. Though i’m still single & and in a serious RELATIONSHIP, i practice the word of God concerning marriage. No SEX before marriage. To God Alone Be All The Glory.

  3. Am delighted to get such great wisdom from here. God bless and continue to use you for ear tingling testimonies.

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