Strive for such a Spirit…


It’s important for every lady to carry herself with dignity. I always like to tell ladies, young and old, married and single, and I even keep reminding myself that if we must be known for something, we should be known as respectable, as courteous, as prudent, as wise, as kind, etc. Not as one whose mouth leaks, who gossips, who is quarrelsome, etc. Such behaviors will not only affect you but it will also affect your husband wherever he is found. As a wife, your husband may have his own issues but please don’t justify yourself by also behaving contrary to what God created you to be. When a husband is misbehaving and a wife is also misbehaving, the outcome is never good. This also applies to you as a single lady; if hurtful, loose talk is something that is identified with you, you will suffer from a reputation that will go ahead of you wherever you go and you will be a detriment or contribute to the ruin of your husband and your future home. In fact, a potential husband may pass you by just because of such attributes. Remember that the bible says it’s better to dwell on the roof of a house than with a nagging or quarrelsome wife (Proverbs 21:9) and if you go further down to verse 19, we are told this time that it is better to dwell in the wilderness, than with a contentious and angry woman. Imagine that! That is to say that it is better for a man to live a dry life than to be with such a woman because nothing good can come out of such a situation. No man wants such a wife! Please let us discipline ourselves to speak only good and let it reflect in our actions. Don’t sit down and gossip with other women here and there. I believe that people who gossip, who are troublesome, who always want to fight are like a thrash can. You know a thrash can? Rubbish or garbage goes in and rubbish or garbage comes out of it. Please don’t let anybody make you a thrash can and don’t take pride in being one. For whatever reason, women can naturally be troublesome but it is not something that cannot be pruned away with God’s help and with our determination. Even if such negative traits are often linked to women, make yourself the exception. Let people say that you are a lady with a difference. A meek and quiet spirit is of great price in God’s sight and a woman who possesses such a spirit will always give her husband and those around her rest (1 Peter 3:4). So lets strive for such a spirit. Nobody is born that way; it is something we must consciously work hard to achieve and if God’s Word is dwelling richly in us, only edifying words and actions must come out of us.

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