…While There Is Hope


Your children will not remain small forever. One day, their feet will no longer be in cute trainers, crocs, flip flops, etc. Such shoes will be swapped for striking stilettos or loafers or brogues and whatever else is out there to be worn. Then, they will walk into a busy world and you will not have so much time to hang out together, play together or even pray together. So, please don’t trade in precious moments with them for anything. Irrespective of their ages, do all you can to pump them with all the necessary values, spiritual and otherwise that they need to be value adding adults both in the world and in their future homes and please make sure such values are evident in your life as well. As I often say, do it like their life depends on it! Slip off your heels, mother; father remove your shoes and tie. Stop being so focused on everything else while your children get your left overs. Remember they are with you for a season. The bible says discipline your children while there is hope, otherwise you will ruin their lives – Proverbs 19:18. I always add love them while there is hope, correct them while there is hope, spend time with them while there is hope, get to know them while there is hope. Push them to God while there is hope. The list goes on and on. Do everything while there is hope; while the opportunity is still there. A time will come when what you say is only an advice and not an instruction. But when you do what you are supposed to do at the right time, you won’t be worried whether they take your advice or not because the teachings you instilled in them will be working for them. If your children are no longer under your tutelage and may have made some wrong decisions, don’t be dismayed; don’t lose hope. One weapon that never fails is prayer, use it with all your heart concerning them. Even when you want to speak to them, pray. Ask the Holy Spirit for utterance that will gain entrance into their hearts and bring about a great testimony. You may be a single parent here, the same applies to you. It doesn’t matter how you became a single parent, the point is that your child or children are here now so what are you going to do to bring out the best in them? Don’t have a “woe is me” mentality, many single mothers and fathers have done a fantastic job raising their children so while it may be more challenging, it is 100% doable! Parenting is serious business and cannot be done well without depending on God. Don’t take it as a casual responsibility. You and I have the privilege of moulding the character of another person from scratch – what an honour from God. Let us be determined to do a great job using time, among others as our motivation. I always remind myself that as my children’s shoe sizes change, it means the time to mould them and prepare them for the world, spiritually and otherwise, is reducing, therefore I must remain strengthened and keep looking to God for the required tools and help to give them all I can, while there is hope.

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  1. So true. I will keep this in mind for when I become a wife and mother and also share with my married friends.

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