know your worth…give your worth!

From me to you:

Please don’t let anybody, including yourself, diminish your potential!

You are a goldmine!
You are an asset!
You absolutely have something to offer to the world!

Be willing and ready to discover who you are in Christ! And run with the picture God shows you.

We all have the potential to be positive reference points in the world but having potential is not enough! Be ready to be stretched! Be ready to be uncomfortable! Be ready to have less sleep!

Being single shouldn’t stop you!
Marriage shouldn’t stop you!
Motherhood shouldn’t stop you!
Nothing & No one should be given the privilege of stopping you!

Women all over the world have done amazing things by God’s grace.

Don’t feel the need to compete with your husband! Instead be determined to add value to him!
Don’t feel the need to compete with your children! Instead be determined to add value to them!
Don’t feel the need to compete with others! Instead be determined to add value to the world! There is something in you that somebody needs! It will be selfish not to give it!

Be a Value Adding Woman!

Know what your own unique assignment is, stay in your lane and maintain your focus!

Create a balance, know when to wait and know the right time to move. Whatever you do, don’t stop & don’t remain stagnant!

3 thoughts on “know your worth…give your worth!”

  1. awesome Sis Kemi, i had resolved to reading all your articles because i got married about a month ago and i would not be left behind. i am also waiting eagerly for the CPY app tp come up so i can also maximize that opportunity… God bless Ma,am

  2. Just surfing the internet and somehow I just got to your blog and I am truly blessed by all the messages I have read… May God continue to bless you and increase your knowledge and Wisdom.
    Going to read other messages.. Awesome

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