Control it… Before it controls you!

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It’s amazing how technology has evolved over time. Looking back 10 years ago, I don’t think many of us would have believed that the world is the way it is now. The evolution of technology and social media has really been an interesting journey. It allows us to communicate instantly despite the distance between us. I am often amazed at how God created our brains to come up with such things. While I appreciate the phase we have been going through with social media and everything in between, I have also seen that too much of it, like most things, is really not a good thing. It really has a way of taking away the human touch that was once so cherished between individuals. Specifically, it has done so much damage to many homes,  separating husbands and wives, and families, though unintended. It’s not unusual these days to see a husband and wife sitting face to face, supposedly talking to each other, yet each person is doing their own thing on a phone, tablet or some kind of system, and watching TV at the same time, while the children are also on various tablets! It’s also not unusual to see a husband and wife emailing each other to have a conversation though they share the same room. In fact the rate at which it has trickled its way down to the children, I sometimes  wonder what my children’s generation will be like, if this is where mine is. The sad thing is that it has become much too normal. And it needs to be nipped in the bud before it completely takes over our relationships. It is so important that you limit your time on all your devices, including your phone, TV, and anything else. Have a set time when you go on and when you must be offline. And when you go to bed, put your phone (and everything else) far from you or discipline yourself not to wake up in the middle of the night, looking for your phone to check that one email or anything else (most of us have been there)! Don’t use the excuse that your job demands it. You can still take a break for a few hours. I think how far the internet has come is such a good thing but like every other thing, we must discipline ourselves and how we use it. It should be used in moderation! Like never before, technology and all that comes with it, has hindered the intimacy in many marriages and families. It is what has, to some degree, divided some homes. Many husbands or wives, have found themselves even getting into relationships and various things that they should have had no business with in the first place. Don’t let yours be part of it and don’t accept it as the norm! It sounds so minor however, consciously watch your regular pattern when it comes to your phone, iPad, or whatever tablet you use, etc! If you are honest with yourself, you will agree that your intake of it is like an overdose! It can happen to the best of us and requires our conscious effort to break free from it. While it’s ok to use social media to our advantage – whatever that is, remember that the word of God tells us that though all things may be lawful or ok to do, not all things are beneficial to us; not all things actually add value to us – 1 Corinthians 10:23. Please take control of it so it doesn’t control you or your home/relationships!

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