Polish & Refine…


It’s important that as a husband, you take time to invest in your wife. What do you do to build her up? How do you help her grow spiritually and otherwise? What do you do to challenge her? What do you do to affirm her? How do you help her weaknesses? She is not the only one who should be helping you. Don’t marry her and just leave her to herself; you must pour into her and her progress must be evident for all to see. It is a sad thing to see a husband making progress  spiritually, intellectually, and otherwise while his wife remains on the same spot since the day they met. That is unfair and it shouldn’t be acceptable by any responsible husband. It says a lot about you as her husband! Don’t be the one tearing her down!

The making of your wife is in your hands so do something. When you do, you would have absolutely NO reason to compare her to another woman, and she would have NO reason to compare you to another man who is also building up his own wife. Look, don’t be irritated by her flaws; use it as an opportunity to polish her! Remember that is what Christ continues to do for the church – to refine and to polish! Whatever you do, do it all in love if you want to see the desired results. Don’t do it grudgingly, don’t do it with criticism, and don’t do it in anger. Ask God how you can enhance your wife.

Remember that no man hates himself but nourishes and cherishes it (Ephesians 5:28) and that is how God expects you to handle your wife. Take the time every single day to polish & refine her. If you look after yourself better than you look after your wife,  your love is questionable! Most importantly, remember, that everything about your wife is a reflection of you.

3 thoughts on “Polish & Refine…”

  1. EXCELLENTE(echoing Papa jnr). More understanding ma.

  2. This is so true. I think I’ve found where I can build my way up into a successful marriage. I’m single and preparing for marriage. I have alot of questions to ask. I dunno how to go about it.

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