One of Your greatest testimonies….


I am sure you know of people who are so concerned about advancing in their careers, experiencing some sort of breakthrough or miracle, etc while neglecting the need to build stronger marriages and families. I have realised that no matter how many lives an individual touches through their assignment and various endeavours, or how much a person acquires in life, their success story is not fully complete without the success story of their family included. Those closest to you must first be positively impacted by you, for a complete testimony. Your light must shine brightest at its base (which is your home). It’s important for us to stop running after our visions and callings at the detriment of our marriages and families. What does it profit you to have those outside your home applauding you, while your spouse and children are bitter or angry towards you? Even when it comes to doing the work of God, we must balance it properly. We may go around preaching to souls, but if our family members see us as hypocrites and based on that, turn from the faith, we have failed. Don’t make excuses because God will not be pleased. After all He is The One who gave your family to you so He is not unaware that you have them. However, He expects you and I to ensure all compartments of our lives are properly balanced and in order. Looking through the scriptures, you will find that one of the major requirements of one who will be ordained, is the state of their family (see 1 Timothy 3). I believe it goes beyond just those who are ordained; it should apply to us all! Once you decide to get married and have a family, the only person who should be placed above them is God. And the truth is that if you are genuinely set out to please God, it will will reflect in your family life with ease.  Many people ignore this aspect until a crisis occurs; then start running heater skelter, wondering how it all came crashing down. Pay attention now so you don’t end up singing songs of regrets later. Listen! Even if you are a single parent for whatever reason, do your best to impart your children with the best of God so they can shine in life. Don’t make excuses. Our various responsibilities may, in actual fact be a lot, but remember that your family is your very 1st  ministry & in them lies your greatest testimony! If, as Christians, you and I are bent on telling the world about Christ and winning souls to the Lord, our spouses and children should be our very first converts! We must do everything within our power to ensure our family is indeed the greatest part of our testimony. May we receive grace to manage all areas of our life with wisdom! You will make it!


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