Praying Wife…

This is for the wifey’s😊out there. I gladly recommend this mini book. Single ladies can also use it to prepare but for the wifey’s specifically, they are more like prayer cards to use daily for our hubbies😊 I can’t get over it and I use it without fail.

👍Remember the bible says we should pray for those in authority (1 Timothy 2:2); well our husbands are the leaders of the home so they need all the prayer they can get, right😀? I’m sure there are others good books out there but this is a great one. I am all for adding value as a woman and one of the greatest ways we can do so is through heartfelt prayer! So, if possible, get it and be on the lookout for the Crisis-Proof Your Family one I’m working on by the help of the Holy Spirit😉 You’ll ❤️ it😌 ‪


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