Value adding woman…


I absolutely love seeing women succeed and bring their dreams to life. I love seeing women break barriers in different industries. It makes the difference for me when these women have the God factor! I get excited when I see women doing so many different things in their various fields, while giving credit to the One who placed the gifts and talents in them in the first place; never forgetting the One who has enabled them to do it all and ooze excellence in all they do. To me, that’s a ‪‎valueaddigwoman‬! One who is bent on adding value to the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical needs of those they come across, from their families to strangers!

It drives me to be a better version of myself. It also shows me that in me, lies more than a mother or a wife; in me lies someone who can make a difference and impact my world in my own little way. Whether you are a teacher, a minister, a baker, a pharmacist, whatever; I believe more of us women should be that way. Work on becoming the best in everything you do – from your marriage, to motherhood, to the works of your hands. Don’t settle for the status quo but be determined to step outside of the box, do things differently, come out of our comfort zone and become the standard in everything that you do.

We can’t add ‪value‬ unless we have value so we must continue upgrading our value by acquiring the skills, knowledge, etc that few people have. Ask the Holy Spirit to show what to do and which way to go. Don’t despise the beginning of your journey and don’t get distracted by what others are doing. Focus! Focus! ‪‎Focus‬! When we stay committed to whatever ‪God‬ has placed in our hands, we get to the point that people may not like our rising, they may not think we qualify, but they can’t deny our impact. Don’t wait! ‪‎Time‬ waits for no man! Today is the day to start becoming a ‪valueaddingwoman‬.

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