Pastor Billy Joe…

Some people have an impact on you that time cannot erase. Billy Joe Daugherty was such a person. He is one of those “Everytime I think of you, I give thanks to my God” people – Phil. 1:3. He was my Pastor in Tulsa & founder of the High School I attended @vcstulsa. Till today, my parents are members of that church. He was amazing and his humility was breathtaking. In fact, his heart for people was beyond human comprehension. It is from him that I first learnt the importance of reaching out to the lost! I remember the first day I met him; he was walking in the hallway. He stopped by my locker and asked my siblings and I our names, then said, “y’all are Nigerians!”😝. He went on to rave about the late Archbishop Benson Idahosa.

I still didn’t know who he was until the chapel service I saw him on the altar teaching. Boy, was I shocked! That was him for you; just like a regular guy. After services, he would stand by the door and shake people’s hands😳. This was a church with about 10,000 (if not more) people in attendance. A lot of people (including myself) would literally wait just to get a handshake. I loved him too much! There was a day when he was conducting the altar call, a man walked down and punched him x2. I wasn’t in the service but it hurt me😂; you would have thought it was my face. I kept saying but why would someone do that to my sweet pastor? In true fashion, right there my Pastor wiped off the blood on his face, talked about forgiveness and asked God to forgive the man. He also visited this same man when he was in jail, to minister to him!

Pastor Billy Joe went to be with the Lord some years ago after an illness. His death really affected me and I had to come to the point of just thanking God for the opportunity of meeting someone like him. He literally showed me what the love of Christ is all about. Whenever I’m in Tulsa, I attend Victory and I MUST take a picture by this sign. My husband and I talk about him often (he also attended the church) Till today, I read his books and listen to his messages. That’s the power of impact. I dedicate#fridayreflections to him. For teaching me how to forget self & focus on others while reflecting Christ. He’s a #valueaddingman-K

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