I’m grateful to mentor/be mentored by women from various walks of life and I love to learn from my peers and from those who are coming up. From business, media, fashion, ministry, etc to wives, to mothers, to professionals… you name it. If it’s by a woman or even a girl😊, I’m inspired. Especially by the one who draws her inspiration from the Bible for everything. Those whose light shine brightly that we cannot help but take notice and glorify God. I consider such women #valueaddingwomen. They have added much value to me and in turn, I confidently add value to others. I’ve learnt that I cannot give what I don’t have no matter how hard I try. So unless I add value to myself through the Word of God and through learning from others, anything I give out will be valueless.

For a long time under the Crisis-Proof Your Family platform, I maintained a section for the#valueaddingwoman & after much prayer, I’ve been inspired to dedicate an Instagram account to it – @valueaddingwoman. If you’re on Instagram, come and join us!
I’m excited! It’s purpose – A blog/community for women of all calibers (and ages), to inspire others, and be inspired. We’ll share daily quotes from women around the world who have added undeniable value. Some have wounds and scars to show but never stopped walking in their purpose. Some have made mistakes & those mistakes are now their message. Some have literally been knocked down but not out💪🏾! These women have continued to add value in spite of the hurdles, and wow… It’s inspiring!

Beyond that, we’ll share from men who have in their own way, and with their words, inspired women. Nothing adds more value than God’s Word so expect scriptures that will inspire you to be all God has created you to be. You may know some of these women or you may have never heard of them before. It doesn’t matter; just be inspired. Please share your story(ies) to inspire; if you know any women (or girls) who inspire, tag us (or send a DM) and we’ll repost. Send prayers, encouragement, scriptures, testimonies… anything that’ll add value to us! So tell a girl, to tell a lady to tell a woman😆… The V.A.W club is here💃🏽 – K! #valueaddingwoman#inspireandbeinspired #light#keepwalkinginthegreatlight

2 thoughts on “VALUE ADDING WOMAN”

  1. I am richly blessed by your teachings Ma, God bless you for us who are inspired by you Crises proof home.
    I pray for the grace of God for a home like yours in Jesus Name.
    Holy Spirit help me.

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