The goal of discipline = godly character

As a husband…

As a husband, your’e meant to protect your wife, not beat her down. You are her covering as the head of the home. You are likened to Christ. The husband is told to love like Christ but it doesn’t stop there. It tells us exactly the actions He took to prove His love. Among other things, making her Holy and clean, and washing her by the cleansing of God’s Word (Ephesians 5:26) is not just a statement, it is an expectation, the responsibility of the husband. That is why you must be sound spiritually as the head of the home.
Stop basking in that role and prove that role. Make her into the woman you want her to become. Every man wants a virtuous woman. A virtuous wife is likened to a crown on her husband’s head (Proverbs 12:4); well the owner of the crown needs to take care of the crown. Your wife is far from perfect. She has some little quirks here and there that may annoy you but love finds no fault. Be determined to make her a better version of herself as you rely on God’s help. No woman hates to be loved especially by her husband. It would stretch you and it may frustrate you but as you keep loving, it will change her for the better, which will change you for the better, which will change your marriage for the better. Who doesn’t want that?
As a single gentleman, understand what Christ’s kind of love really means. Be real with yourself; If you know you’re not ready to make such a commitment, marriage should be a no go area for you until further notice. In marriage, there may be days you may even feel like loving or forgiving, etc but with deep love, with God’s love, we see everything through God’s eyes. Which helps us demonstrate God’s nature easily. If you love her rightly, just like we are with Christ, you will easily win her submission, her reverence, her honour.
I’ve admonished my fellow women about the importance of us acknowledging the place of our husband’s in the home (see yesterday’s post). Husbands, also align yourself. God’s design of marriage is not one sided. If each person accepts their own responsibility and runs with HIS laid down principle of marriage, things must work. The fact that some people are not doing what they are meant to do, doesn’t nullify God’s original design.

As a wife…


You are significant to God!

The crucible of diligence

Be diligent in your pursuit of anything you do. Diligence always brings results. Many people don’t experience God’s best, not because they don’t believe in God or His promises, but because they lack diligence. They get fired up today, then cool down tomorrow. They go forward with much excitement, then when challenges arise, they back down. They are ready to run with that vision today, the next minute, they’d rather be sleeping.

Diligence requires us to push through no matter what. The dictionary defines it as being persistent in doing something. Persistency is key; meaning that failure isn’t an option. It’s not enough to pray for anything to come to pass. The fact that God has shown you a vision doesn’t mean it’ll automatically happen. Even with that vision, diligence is required. That is the difference maker! God expects us to do something with what He shows us per time if we want to move to the next phase.

Every single day, ensure you put in your best toward that desire, vision or assignment. It won’t fulfil itself. If your desire is to grow spiritually, for example, you have to be diligent in that pursuit. You have to stretch yourself; you have to study, you have to pray in your understanding and in the spirit, you have to keep engaging in spiritual exercises if you indeed want to see the growth you desire.  In your academics, be diligent. With your assignment in life, be diligent. In your career, be diligent.

Give your best always. Don’t be the employee or even the business owner who is a slacker. Don’t approach any serious business based on how you feel. You’ll get nowhere fast. No wonder the scriptures tell us that it’s the hand of the diligent that will rule (Proverbs 12:24). Its not the hand of the wishful thinkers, it’s the hand of the diligent! It’s the diligent (wo)man that’ll rub shoulders with with the affluent. Too many of us dream; we forget that when we wake up, work begins. Begin to get your act together and accept that no matter how talented, anointed or gifted you are, nothing, absolutely nothing, can replace diligence. In fact God’s process of making rulers is the crucible of diligence – K #fridayreflections #diligence #light #thegreatlight