The crucible of diligence

Be diligent in your pursuit of anything you do. Diligence always brings results. Many people don’t experience God’s best, not because they don’t believe in God or His promises, but because they lack diligence. They get fired up today, then cool down tomorrow. They go forward with much excitement, then when challenges arise, they back down. They are ready to run with that vision today, the next minute, they’d rather be sleeping.

Diligence requires us to push through no matter what. The dictionary defines it as being persistent in doing something. Persistency is key; meaning that failure isn’t an option. It’s not enough to pray for anything to come to pass. The fact that God has shown you a vision doesn’t mean it’ll automatically happen. Even with that vision, diligence is required. That is the difference maker! God expects us to do something with what He shows us per time if we want to move to the next phase.

Every single day, ensure you put in your best toward that desire, vision or assignment. It won’t fulfil itself. If your desire is to grow spiritually, for example, you have to be diligent in that pursuit. You have to stretch yourself; you have to study, you have to pray in your understanding and in the spirit, you have to keep engaging in spiritual exercises if you indeed want to see the growth you desire.  In your academics, be diligent. With your assignment in life, be diligent. In your career, be diligent.

Give your best always. Don’t be the employee or even the business owner who is a slacker. Don’t approach any serious business based on how you feel. You’ll get nowhere fast. No wonder the scriptures tell us that it’s the hand of the diligent that will rule (Proverbs 12:24). Its not the hand of the wishful thinkers, it’s the hand of the diligent! It’s the diligent (wo)man that’ll rub shoulders with with the affluent. Too many of us dream; we forget that when we wake up, work begins. Begin to get your act together and accept that no matter how talented, anointed or gifted you are, nothing, absolutely nothing, can replace diligence. In fact God’s process of making rulers is the crucible of diligence – K #fridayreflections #diligence #light #thegreatlight

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