Check your focus!

What you focus on has a serious impact on what you say and how you act! What you focus on has a direct impact on the state of your heart! Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life (Proverbs 4:23). If you really want to live a Holy life, pleasing to God, your responsibility (not God’s) is to keep your heart free from things and people that pollute your spirit. Many of us make vows upon vows to be clean, we plan to do better but… we remain loyal to what’s drawing us back.

We remain dedicated to keeping up with those who are so worldly. We remain attached to material things! It’s impossible to keep your focus on the wrong things, and do right. If you focus on something long enough, you’ll begin to move in that direction. Even as a Christian, the onus is on you to protect yourself, starting with your heart. If your focus is truly on God, your appetite for a lot of worldly pleasures will begin to die off while your hunger for the things of God will be on the rise. Enjoy your life but… don’t get attached!

Deliberately get rid of anything that may be affecting your focus negatively; that may have caged your heart and kept you from being fully glued to your Maker. That may just be the reason why you are where you are today. You may be wondering why things in your life are not going as you believe they should. Check your focus! Check the state of your heart! A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart… In order words, your heart is the fountain of your life; be determined to keep it pure and pleasing to God so you can keep moving in the right direction.

It begins at home!

Everyday, I make my children recite this – “Any love I want to show others begins at home”. That’s been our stance since day 1. In addition to the many other declarations I have taught them, this particular one ranks high up there for me. I remind them that if they want to share toys, show kindess or anything else with friends of strangers, they must do so with each other first. They must show it to us (their parents) first. That’s exactly how it should be for all of us, especially we who claim to have the nature of Christ in us.

The love we want to show must flow from the inside out. From our home to others. Doing otherwise makes us fake! We all must examine ourselves often and make necessary adjustments. If we are not loving, more tolerant, more accepting of outsiders than our husbands, wives, or children, any gospel we may be preaching (not necessarily as a pastor but as a Christian) carries no weight.

It’s deeper than that!

I really think that too much emphasis is placed on physical attraction in relationships. In fact, too many people are beginning to think  that’s the major thing that guarantees the sustenance of a relationship or marriage. That’s a big error! There is nothing wrong with being physically attracted to a potential spouse or ensuring you are physically attractive but it’s so important to know that while your physical appearance may attract many ladies and gentlemen to you, it’s your character, your attitude, your personality traits that determine how long that attraction lasts.

It’s not your beauty or good looks that determine how well a relationship/marriage goes; it’s deeper than that. Too many single ladies and gentlemen do a lot to ensure they are physically enticing but everything else about them is far from how they look. There are many good looking men and women who are trouble makers, who lack integrity, who are lazy, who are not caring, and are full of pride, etc. Pay careful attention to what people can’t physically see; that’s what matters more. In many homes today, the problem is not usually the physical appearance of the husband or the wife. A husband looks good but he is a chronic liar, a fault finder, or irresponsible. A wife is gorgeous but her words pierce like a sword, leaving very deep wounds, or she’s an untidy woman. Such individuals are automatically unattractive and that marriage will be on shaky ground.

It’s no wonder that everything about God begins with the inward appearance, begins with how we manage ourselves; because that’s the real us. People get carried away with how we look but after a while, the real us must emerge. That’s why the Scriptures say beauty is fleeting; meaning it lasts for a short time. Our good looks can’t conceal the real us. We all have some things we need to work on so they don’t become or remain an issue in marriage; so WORK ON THEM! As you package yourself to be attractive, ensure every other part of you meets up. How you look is not the main thing that will keep your relationship and ultimately your marriage together; it’s much much MUCH deeper than that. Be wise!

Marriage = Responsibility!

I’ll keep stressing this!
Marriage is for responsible adults, not for joksters or those who don’t hold the institution in high regard. It’s not for those who still want to just do what they like without thinking; neither is it for those who want go and come as they please without being accountable to another person. It requires us laying aside some immature behaviours of thinking only of ourselves, and accommodating/acknowledging the presence of another individual.

If you’re not ready to accept and adhere to the demands of it, don’t get into it just yet. Don’t get married for the sake of it so you don’t become a concern to your spouse and even your children. If you’re in a relationship with an irresponsible individual, someone who toys with your emotions and couldn’t care less about you or anything, I’m not too sure what you expect in marriage. Marriage doesn’t automatically change a person. The willingness to change is what changes a person.

Whatever a person is as a single lady or gentleman is what they’ll be as a spouse. Marriage only amplifies who/what we already are. Don’t willingly put yourself through unnecessary headaches and heartaches especially when the signs are clearly in front of you.
Marriage = responsibility! Its not necessarily about age but the mindset of the individuals. Marriage is not just fun and games (although it should be a lot of FUN). However, while it should be thoroughly enjoyed, the demands of it cannot be ignored if we want to experience the best of God in it!

Encourage and Build each other up!

“So encourage each other and build each other up…” – 1 Thessalonians 5:11.

There is absolutely NOTHING like the encouragement, the cheering on, the building up that comes from a spouse. Especially when their words are filled with grace and seasoned with salt (Colossians 4:6). It literally makes you feel like you can accomplish anything no matter the barriers in the way. More importantly, it always makes you want to become a better version of yourself (spirit, soul, and body). I strongly believe that more and more husbands, wives, even parents need to do more of building up and eliminate the tearing down.

The world is full of more than enough discouragement and evil counsel. I say it a lot and I mean it – your spouse is your advantage from God. Not only that, you are also meant to be their own advantage from God. When both individuals take responsibility for what is expected of them in a marriage, no husband, no wife, no child will feel the need to look outside the home for what God expects us get in abundance within the home. Don’t allow your frustrations or irritations to get the best of you. Just as you need to minister grace for your loved ones shortcomings, they need to do the same for you. The more you keep building up, what’ll happen? They’ll be built up! They’ll be infused with confidence and feel secure that they have a safe haven as far as humans go, that they can run to at any point in time. And when they begin to feel that way, their attitude towards your relationship and family will change for the better and the best!

Practice this exercise for the next 30 days – Building up ONLY. Encouraging ONLY. Cheering on ONLY! Be conscious about it and watch the difference it provokes in your relationship and in your home! If you really take it seriously and do it, it’ll show! A word for single ladies and gentlemen – If you’re in a relationship with someone who dampens your spirit and makes you feel worse for your shortcomings or mistakes, please run for your life! This is not the time for sentiments.

And to anyone who is married, if you feel you need godly counsel to get your marriage back on tack, please prayerfully seek for it and you will find the right person by the leading of the Holy Spirit. As long as you’re ready to do what God requires of you, He will crown your efforts. Contrary to popular belief, misery does not come with marriage, especially a Christ centred one.

I’m praying for you from the depth of my heart that the building up, the encouragement, the cheering on that may be missing in your home, will begin to find expression in Jesus’ name. Amen!

It’s Recovery Time!

You have to believe from the depth of your heart that God is in the recovery business! It’s one of His main specialties! Anything we lose that is rightfully ours, is of great importance to Him. Even redemption is about getting back what was lost due to the fall of man. The devil came to steal, and God sent Jesus to give back. There’s nothing in your life that doesn’t concern God. If it’s your health, He’s ready to restore it. If your peace of mind is nowhere to be found, He’s ready to give it back to you… in abundance. Even that joy that has turned to sorrow in your life, He’s so ready to turn into unending laughter.

The time you’re lamenting over that seems wasted or lost, can easily be given back to you. Whether or not we actually recover anything has a lot to do with our countenance, the state of our Spirit, the condition of our mind and the steps we take. One thing you must know is that you can’t get anything back if you remain discouraged and if you don’t get moving! Reading the Scriptures, David had to encourage (or strengthen) himself in the Lord first before he could begin to ask God for direction concerning the steps he should take to recover all that was stolen (1 Samuel 30).

Even in his distress, he encouraged himself in the Lord! That’s exactly what you must do! Don’t sit around waiting for who will encourage you. Stop throwing a pity party for yourself. The time has come for you to rejoice even when you don’t feel like it. You must remain hopeful even with your back against the wall and when everything looks so bleak. It’s time to shake yourself from the dust, and tell yourself, “I am going to make it”, “this thing will not defeat me”, “devil, you won’t have the last laugh over me”. “This second half of the year is mine”!

Encourage yourself, then recover! Encourage yourself, then recover! From this month of July till the end of this amazing year, except a recovery galore! It’s your month! Well, it’s actually my month😜🤣 but I’ll share it with you.

Enjoy the very very very BEST of God in Jesus’ name. Amen! – K#hellojuly #itsgoodtoseeyou #recoverytime #thegreatlight#keepwalkinginthegreatlight