It’s deeper than that!

I really think that too much emphasis is placed on physical attraction in relationships. In fact, too many people are beginning to think  that’s the major thing that guarantees the sustenance of a relationship or marriage. That’s a big error! There is nothing wrong with being physically attracted to a potential spouse or ensuring you are physically attractive but it’s so important to know that while your physical appearance may attract many ladies and gentlemen to you, it’s your character, your attitude, your personality traits that determine how long that attraction lasts.

It’s not your beauty or good looks that determine how well a relationship/marriage goes; it’s deeper than that. Too many single ladies and gentlemen do a lot to ensure they are physically enticing but everything else about them is far from how they look. There are many good looking men and women who are trouble makers, who lack integrity, who are lazy, who are not caring, and are full of pride, etc. Pay careful attention to what people can’t physically see; that’s what matters more. In many homes today, the problem is not usually the physical appearance of the husband or the wife. A husband looks good but he is a chronic liar, a fault finder, or irresponsible. A wife is gorgeous but her words pierce like a sword, leaving very deep wounds, or she’s an untidy woman. Such individuals are automatically unattractive and that marriage will be on shaky ground.

It’s no wonder that everything about God begins with the inward appearance, begins with how we manage ourselves; because that’s the real us. People get carried away with how we look but after a while, the real us must emerge. That’s why the Scriptures say beauty is fleeting; meaning it lasts for a short time. Our good looks can’t conceal the real us. We all have some things we need to work on so they don’t become or remain an issue in marriage; so WORK ON THEM! As you package yourself to be attractive, ensure every other part of you meets up. How you look is not the main thing that will keep your relationship and ultimately your marriage together; it’s much much MUCH deeper than that. Be wise!

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