Marriage = Responsibility!

I’ll keep stressing this!
Marriage is for responsible adults, not for joksters or those who don’t hold the institution in high regard. It’s not for those who still want to just do what they like without thinking; neither is it for those who want go and come as they please without being accountable to another person. It requires us laying aside some immature behaviours of thinking only of ourselves, and accommodating/acknowledging the presence of another individual.

If you’re not ready to accept and adhere to the demands of it, don’t get into it just yet. Don’t get married for the sake of it so you don’t become a concern to your spouse and even your children. If you’re in a relationship with an irresponsible individual, someone who toys with your emotions and couldn’t care less about you or anything, I’m not too sure what you expect in marriage. Marriage doesn’t automatically change a person. The willingness to change is what changes a person.

Whatever a person is as a single lady or gentleman is what they’ll be as a spouse. Marriage only amplifies who/what we already are. Don’t willingly put yourself through unnecessary headaches and heartaches especially when the signs are clearly in front of you.
Marriage = responsibility! Its not necessarily about age but the mindset of the individuals. Marriage is not just fun and games (although it should be a lot of FUN). However, while it should be thoroughly enjoyed, the demands of it cannot be ignored if we want to experience the best of God in it!

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