Deliberately enjoy your marriage…

Enjoy your life to the MAX with your spouse. Don’t use your marriage journey hating each other, picking fights with each other, making each other miserable, etc. Enjoy your life! There’s nothing like growing with another person even through some uncomfortable and undesirable situations; that’s life! Someone rightly said, you don’t have a spare life so make the most of the one you have even in your marriage.

Give your children the best family life experience possible. It’s nobody’s dream to get married and be miserable; that’s not God’s agenda at all either. It’s far from what He has in mind. If things are good when you’re single, things should be better when you’re married! If things are good in the first few months of marriage, the relationship should be better with time. Prov. 4:18 should really be our experience.

But it’s not automatic; we have to be willing to give it what it takes! If things have not been great, it’s never too late to get things back on track. As long as you give your marriage your best, you’ll always get the best out of it! 

Love prospers…

“Love (ALWAYS) prospers when a fault is forgiven. Dwelling on it (ALWAYS) separates the closest of friends” -Proverbs 17:9! Prosper means to grow, to flourish, to be healthy. Faults, flaws, mistakes happen to every relationship/marriage; how we manage them determines the state of our relationships. Love will always grow when we freely forgive. Love will always grow when we accept responsibility if we’re the offender.

Dwelling on them can never make things better. Rather, it divides; it puts a dent in what should be our closest and most important human relationship. Be a forgiver; and don’t be the constant point of offence; be mindful of your words and actions; learn to control your emotions. There are times we offend unintentionally and there are faults we may be working on but whatever you do, let love prosper so your relationship can be healthy.  📷: @isaacoyedepo & @ayomitideoyedepo 

The pathway to an enjoyable family life starts with you

Who you are as a single individual is a reflection of who you’ll be as a husband or wife. It’s up to you to be self aware and tackle any habits or character traits that already is or could be problematic in your relationship leading to marriage. No one has that responsibility but you; no one can change for you but you. Don’t just expect that person to accept you as you are and leave it there.

While that is necessary, it’s also important to self examine yourself and adjust accordingly to the observations and input of the other person ESPECIALLY if it’s a cause of friction in your relationship. Don’t watch these things negatively affect your relationship with your eyes wide open. You wonder what the problem is while it’s staring at you in the face. Be quick about accepting responsibility and be quick about working on yourself before you get married. Marriage won’t automatically make you a better person.

And it’s wise not to spend your entire courtship season dealing with tension and friction; courtship should also be an enjoyable time of your life. It’s time to refresh your thinking and have the mentality that “the pathway to an enjoyable relationship and family life starts with me.” Then behave accordingly. If you’re with someone who couldn’t care less about tackling friction points and would rather maintain a tension filled and toxic relationship with you, run for YOUR life!

Faith vs. Feelings

Faith and feelings can never get along. They’ll always be at war with each other because more often than not, they see differently. Our feelings often tell us things that our faith doesn’t agree with. However, we have to consciously tell ourselves to keep walking by faith and not by sight (feelings, emotions, circumstances) – 2 Corinthians 5:7.

Too often, when we find ourselves in a bind, even though we know that scripture by heart, we tend to forget it when we need it most. We panic, we let our imaginations run wild with all the possible outcomes, we even let fear have its way. It’s time to use faith to trump our feelings, our emotions, our circumstances. Don’t let your feelings get carried away no matter how much pressure you’re under. You may not be able to see your desire physically yet but but don’t let that deter you faith. One of my favourite scriptures, 2 Corinthians 4:18 clearly tells us where to put our focus. We’re told to look not at the troubles we can see but at the things which are unseen. The things we can see are temporary but the unseen is forever.

The things you can see now are temporary but the things your faith can see (faith sees) are forever. Every moment of everyday, be conscious about using your faith to trump your feelings. Tell yourself “Yes, some things may not be as they ought to be but that doesn’t matter, I choose my faith over what I see”. Replace your natural eyes with the eyes of faith! The level of your faith determines your confidence so never stop growing in faith (study, and meditate on God’s Word daily; pray, etc). Faith can get you anything at anytime. Keep using it to overcome your feelings, and you’ll have your victory, your testimony, your breakthrough, in no time! – K #faith #keepwalkinginthegreatlight