Deliberately enjoy your marriage…

Enjoy your life to the MAX with your spouse. Don’t use your marriage journey hating each other, picking fights with each other, making each other miserable, etc. Enjoy your life! There’s nothing like growing with another person even through some uncomfortable and undesirable situations; that’s life! Someone rightly said, you don’t have a spare life so make the most of the one you have even in your marriage.

Give your children the best family life experience possible. It’s nobody’s dream to get married and be miserable; that’s not God’s agenda at all either. It’s far from what He has in mind. If things are good when you’re single, things should be better when you’re married! If things are good in the first few months of marriage, the relationship should be better with time. Prov. 4:18 should really be our experience.

But it’s not automatic; we have to be willing to give it what it takes! If things have not been great, it’s never too late to get things back on track. As long as you give your marriage your best, you’ll always get the best out of it! 

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