Love prospers…

“Love (ALWAYS) prospers when a fault is forgiven. Dwelling on it (ALWAYS) separates the closest of friends” -Proverbs 17:9! Prosper means to grow, to flourish, to be healthy. Faults, flaws, mistakes happen to every relationship/marriage; how we manage them determines the state of our relationships. Love will always grow when we freely forgive. Love will always grow when we accept responsibility if we’re the offender.

Dwelling on them can never make things better. Rather, it divides; it puts a dent in what should be our closest and most important human relationship. Be a forgiver; and don’t be the constant point of offence; be mindful of your words and actions; learn to control your emotions. There are times we offend unintentionally and there are faults we may be working on but whatever you do, let love prosper so your relationship can be healthy.  📷: @isaacoyedepo & @ayomitideoyedepo 

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